1 Official Club Role That You Probably Don’t Have But Definitely Need


Your club likely already has several official, maybe even elected, roles. You might have a treasurer, an event manager, a membership officer, a president or any number of other roles. If you have a smaller club, there’s a chance that you’ve combined several of these roles; maybe the president is also the event manager. No matter how many roles your club has or how those roles are divided up today, we will discuss a role that should definitely be one of them. 

That is the role of the webmaster. I know that webmaster sounds like something an under-confident Spiderman would say to psych himself up in the mirror, but in reality, the webmaster is a crucial role every modern club should have. 

 1 Official Club Role That You Probably Don’t Have But Definitely Need

What Does A Club’s Webmaster Do? 

A webmaster is an official club role that sees one person in charge of managing the club website and often the social media pages. 

A webmaster is in charge of overseeing and maintaining a website. This can involve content management, technical upkeep, website security, SEO, improving user experience, analysing website data, and resolving online issues. The webmaster ensures that the website operates smoothly, is secure, accurate, and is suitable for your members.

Suppose you are using a membership management system like Member Jungle or one of our competitors. In that case, you will be able to restrict access to certain parts of your website and management system. This can take the form of member-only areas, areas restricted to members of a certain level, the website’s backend that only club admins and managers have access to and a few other things. It is the webmaster’s job to make sure the right people have the right access to all these varying parts. 

Essentially, a webmaster is your “tech guy”, there to help with any technical concerns of your club. For a more modern and up-to-date term for this role, maybe consider using Website Administrator, Site Administrator, Web Manager or Site Owner. Whatever works best and suits your club the most. 

It’s worth noting that the webmaster isn’t typically the person who posts on social media for your club. They are the ones to set up and moderate social media, not run it. 

Benefits Of Having A Webmaster For Your Club 

Your club’s website and social media play a crucial role in managing your club. They serve as the primary point of contact for potential new members and are your main avenue for communication with your existing members. It’s likely that other important aspects of your club, like events, membership and finances, already have an assigned role to manage them. So, it makes sense to do the same for your website.  

Webmasters Make Everything Run Smoother

With a webmaster, you can expect your website and social media pages to function seamlessly with fewer issues. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the website is up to date and that everyone has the appropriate access privileges, allowing those who need to post to do so easily and in the correct locations. The webmaster is also available to assist members who may need help with your website or management system.

Webmasters Help With Security

In the digital era, we store more and more data online, making it increasingly vital to protect it. Having a webmaster means that only one person will hold the keys to the kingdom, reducing the risk of accidental virus downloads or data leaks. The more people with access to everything, the higher the likelihood of information exposure.

How To Set Up A Webmaster Role

The webmaster should be set up just like any other role within your club. If your committee members usually have multiple roles, then maybe your webmaster will also hold other roles within your club. However, suppose your club has more than 100 to 200 members. In that case, it’s probably worth making the webmaster a standalone role as they will have more than enough work to do without taking on multiple management roles. 

How To Choose Your Webmaster

The criteria for a great webmaster is pretty simple. They need to be relatively tech-savvy; they don’t need to be super tech geniuses, just someone who can confidentiality use and adapt to technology. They need to have the time; there’s no point in giving this role to someone who is already flat out, as they just won’t have the time to manage everything. Finally, they need to be someone who is passionate about your club. Clubs are all about connecting with others with a shared passion, so make sure whoever is taking on the role of webmaster is dedicated and passionate about the role and your club. 

What Else Do You Need To Know About Webmasters? 

When choosing a webmaster and deciding on exactly what their responsibilities will be, it may be helpful to read either of the following articles. 

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