2023 Member Jungle Wrap-Up


A lot of interesting and amazing things happened in 2023; here is just a short summary of what this year delivered. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once won Best Film at the Oscars, Brendan Frasier won the Oscar for Best Actor, and The Barbie Movie was released, becoming the highest-grossing film from a female director. 



ChatGPT and generative AI took the world by storm, NASA discovered Dimethyl Sulphide on exoplanet K2-18B, a substance that, as far as science knows, is only produced by living organisms, leading scientists to wonder if there may be life in the oceans of K2-18B.


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The Springboks won back-to-back Men’s Rugby World Cups, becoming the first nation in history to win the tournament four times. Australia won the ICC Men’s World Cup, and the Matildas captivated a nation during their unprecedented run in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.  


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Today, however, we aren't talking about any of that; instead, we are going to look at what Member Jungle did in 2023 and how it can continue to help your club. I know this might not sound like the most helpful article, but I promise this article will be useful to you, and I will do my level best to make it an entertaining read. This article will also contain a feedback form where you can give me feedback on all the articles I have written for Member Jungle this year. So, at the very least, stay for that. 

What New Features Did Member Jungle Release In 2023?

The Member Jungle development team has been crazy busy this past year working on developing a host of new features and products and refining the existing ones to help ensure that your Member Jungle experience is as good as possible. 

We don't have time to review all the changes and new features the development team made this year because there have just been too many. Seriously, the development team works so hard it's mind-blowing. 




Here are just the highlights of what they have delivered this year: 


If you want to see everything else released this year, look at Member Jungle Membership Software Blog. Remember to keep an eye on it in future so you don’t miss any new feature releases. 

New People Joined The Member Jungle Tribe

The Member Jungle tribe has welcomed some new faces this year, as a few people have joined the team to help improve Member Jungle's services. 

You may have already interacted with Henry or Sammy if you are a new customer. They are new members of our sales team and have been doing a fantastic job of addressing your queries and assisting you in determining whether Member Jungle is the right fit for you.

The other new member of the team is me, Member Jungle’s head writer and editor. It’s my job to find out as much about the Member Jungle system and membership management as possible and use it to write all the hopefully helpful articles posted on Member Jungle’s Learning Centre. 

Speaking of the learning centre, let’s talk about it. 

The New Member Jungle Learning Centre 

At the beginning of 2023, Member Jungle completely revamped its Learning Centre and hired me to fill it with helpful articles. The aim is to create a one-stop shop for everything related to membership management. The Learning Centre is designed to be a valuable library for everyone who runs a club or association, whether they are an existing Member Jungle customer or not. 

Over 2023, more than 100 articles have been published on the Learning Centre. For obvious reasons, I cannot list all the articles published this year, so here are the top 10 most-read articles of 2023. 

The most-read articles of 2023 are: 

  1. What is Two Factor Authentication & Why Is It Important in Membership Management?
  2. Is Your Club Or Association Ready For The Changes To The Australian Privacy Act?
  3. How You Can Use AI To Help Your Club In 2023
  4. How To Run An Event With Member Jungle - A Guide
  5. How To Run Your Classic Car Club Better
  6. How You Can Use Sponsors To Fund Your Club’s Membership Management Software
  7. Customer Story - The Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club
  8. How does Member Jungle protect your data?
  9. Everything You Need To Know About Onboarding At Member Jungle
  10. 5 Questions Your Treasurer Is Going To Ask You


Chances are you’ve already read most of these, but if you haven’t, now is the time. Also, if you aren’t keeping up with the articles published in the learning centre, I would recommend it. No matter what sort of club or association you run or how long you’ve been doing it, there’ll be something useful there. 

Case Studies on Member Jungle Customers

This year, I have also written several in-depth articles on how different clubs and associations have found the process of signing up with and using Member Jungle. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the lovely people who took time out of their busy schedules to talk to me about their experiences with Member Jungle. I really appreciate it. 

Though not all of them have been published yet, I would like to thank the following people for being a part of our case studies this year: 


If you are interested in reading any of these case studies or want to know where to look for the new ones when they are published, check out Member Jungle Customer Stories

Give Your Feedback On The Article Being Published On Member Jungle’s Learning Centre

The hope with all the articles I have written this year is that they are interesting, helpful, informative and entertaining. The only way I can improve them is with your feedback, so please take 30 seconds to let me know what you think of the articles. 

Also, I’m not exaggerating about it taking 30 seconds; this is the entire thing. It is only three questions.   



Here is the Feedback Form if you do want to give me some feedback, constructive or otherwise, on the articles I have written this year. 


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What Else Happened This Year And What To Look Forward To In 2024


In June of this year, Leigh Clover, Member Jungle's Director of Membership and Marketing, ran a webinar on how to fuel your car club's growth. Greg Cunningham of the Street Machine Association of South Australia and Mark Tipping of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia presented during the webinar, giving their insights into how to grow your car club best. 

The webinar was a resounding success, and there are plans to host more webinars to help clubs and associations in 2024. So, keep your eyes on Member Jungle's website and social pages in the coming year so you don't miss the next webinars. 

More New Features Coming To Member Jungle 

As I've already mentioned, the Member Jungle development team are the hardest working people this side of whatever Disney exec is doing their best to rewrite my childhood memories. 


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The development team is already working on some of the new features being released in 2024, and while I can’t tell you much right now, there are some big things on the horizon. 

One thing I can tell you about is the upcoming ability for you and your members to buy and sell through the online store and take payments via the app. I can’t tell you anymore, or else the development team will come and break my legs, but keep an eye out for some very exciting new features in the coming year. 

How To Get Ready For 2024

Well, that’s been it for the wrap-up of 2023 as far as Member Jungle is concerned. I will leave you with some articles to read to help you start your 2024 off with a bang. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and I’ll see you (virtually) next year. 

For those who haven’t heard, the Australian government plans to make several changes to the Australian Privacy Act in 2024; these changes will affect clubs and associations. To find out all the details read, Is Your Club Or Association Ready For The Changes To The Australian Privacy Act?

If you want to start 2024 off in fine form, check out 5 Tips To Unlock Your Club’s Success In 2024


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