3 Easy Steps To Take When Your Club Has A Site Administrator Change


A change in club management can be a stressful time for everyone involved. There is a lot of paperwork and organisational changes to be made, and it can be an uncertain time for everyone involved, even club members. At Member Jungle, we always do our best to make running your club as easy as possible. So today, we are going to talk about what you need to do in your Member Jungle system when you have an administrator change. 

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Club Administrators Details Up To Date

When using the Member Jungle System, you will have an assigned site administrator who is in charge of your website and system. They are in control of who has access to what and who are authorised contacts. They are also the primary point of contact between your club and us. 

If this administrator leaves the club or changes roles, you will need to ensure these changes are made in the system, too. If they leave the club and you don’t make the necessary changes to the system, this can cause a lot of problems. Next time you want to make a change to the system and contact us, we will be legally unable to do so until we hear from the original site administrator. Turning this into a much longer and more complicated process than it needs to be. So, keeping the details of your site administrator and all other club admins and authorised contacts is essential to keep your club running smoothly. 

It also helps us; if you don’t update your admin details, we may end up sending emails to the wrong person or address them incorrectly. Keeping your contact details up to date allows everything else to run smoothly. 

Step 1: Update Site Administrator Contact Information and Permissions

If your club site administrator leaves the club or moves to a different role, one of your club’s authorised contacts can contact us directly, notify us of the change, and request that the site administrator's details be updated in our records.

Once this is done, your new administrator can get straight to work and receive any help they need from us at Member Jungle. You should also ensure that your past administrator has had their access and permissions removed from the Authorised Contacts section in your sites Organisation Settings to minimise the chance of something going wrong. Suppose any other role needs to have its details updated. In that case, the site administrator can do that themselves.

If your administrators have been granted privileges through the security module, it is essential to update any changes to their permissions in the module or remove them from the role.

It’s a pretty straightforward process, but check out Creating Roles and Permissions for Users and Site and Organisation Settings for all the details you could ever need.

3 Easy Steps To Take When Your Club Has A Site Administrator Change

Step 2: Double Check All Contact Details Are Correct

After updating the details and permissions, it is crucial to ensure that all contact information and emails have been updated. This is particularly important if you use generic email addresses like or You should also verify that all the email fields in the module configurations are correct and up-to-date. This includes the site default email in the organisation settings, the membership coordinator email in membership general settings, and the product catalogue coordinator email in the catalogue settings.

The last thing you want is all the emails from your members and us going to the wrong person, especially if they are no longer in the club.

Step 3: Book Your New Club Administrator In For Training

When you first signed up with Member Jungle, you and your other admins likely did training with us on how to best use the system. Well, no matter how long your club has been with Member Jungle, there will always be optional free and paid training available to you. This can be a great way to get your new administrator up and running with the system, and brushing up on things isn’t the worst idea for you and your other admins, either. I often have to pull out an old textbook to make sure I’m doing something right while I’m at work. 

You can view and register for our free training on our website. For more information about more personalised training available with the Member Jungle system, have a look at the Committee Training Session.

How Else Can You Help Your Club Through This Change?

If you’re looking for more help getting through this potentially tricky moment for your club, you can check out Committee Changes & Training

If you want more information to show your new administrator to help them with their training, look at How To Get The Most Out Of Your Member Jungle Subscription.


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