4 Ways a Directory Can Add Value To Your Membership


One of the questions that I have been asked constantly is what other clubs are doing to offer more value to their members, so I thought I would give you a few ideas of how other clubs have successfully used the Business/Member Directory.

Obviously it depends on your organisation but I have seen the directory listing idea used really well by a number of different clubs. A directory listing can be edited and maintained by the member itself and added to particular membership types.

Administrators and everyone with a listing can see the performance of their own listing, to see how many people have been looking and searching for them. Plus they are all automated and easy to setup and maintain.

1) A Professional Member Listing

One of the academic organisation’s using Member Jungle allows all members when they sign-up to have a personal directory listing and nominate which research fields they specialise in. They can promote themselves, their white papers and all their research work plus allow other members to engage with them directly. The member directory listing is visible to members only after logging in, so it not only adds value to the individual member but also to other members who can then search the directory and find and contact particular experts.

2) A listing of businesses with member only offers

One of the car clubs that uses Member Jungle have a range of businesses that offer their clients special offers and discounts when they show their member card. So every time a member joins they receive a digital member card and access to the directory. They can then search by location or by category and find out what discounts they can access and all they have to do to redeem the offers is show their member card. Businesses can be setup one of two ways, they can be sold as a membership type where they are charged to be on the directory. Or they can be free listings, that are approved by an administrator. It benefits the businesses as they can promote their businesses and see how many people are searching and showing their cards instore.

3. A way of promoting your sponsors

A lot of clubs are constantly chasing sponsors and looking for incentives to offer local businesses to get on board and sponsor their club. We have clubs that use the Member Jungle system to promote their sponsors a number of ways. If you have a set package and price for your sponsors, you can set them up as a particular membership type. That means you will be able to take applications online and have sponsors pay for their membership and instantly get access to create their own directory listing to promote their business.

Or most common, you as administrators can manually setup a directory listing for each sponsor that is accessible on the public website. You can still give access to your sponsors to update and maintain their listing and see their stats, plus you can set expiry dates so the listings are automatically turned off at the end of the agreed sponsorship term.

4.    Creating a Membership Community

Linking the membership directory listing can simply be a way of allowing your members to see each other to create a community of like-minded people.  If you club is all about helping people connect and engage, including a member directory (only visible by members) is a great way of doing this.  You can give members complete control over if they want a listing at all, if they want to put any contact details or if they just want to have a brief description of themselves. A community member directory and online discussion forum are both great ways that you can get your members all communicating together.


Moving your membership system online can not only save you time and automate your business processes but can allow you to add new member benefits easily with no extra work involved.

If you want to find out more about adding moving online or adding a directory to your current Member Jungle system, please get in touch.


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