5 Reasons Every Club Needs a Member Directory


Member Jungle’s Director of Membership, Leigh Clover, guides you through the power of a membership and business directory, and five reasons why every club needs one!

Membership and Business Directories - A Who’s Who in the Zoo

Directories may seem like simple list, but their power is indisputable. What other tool communicates so much in such a succinct form? Your members can connect with like-minded people, increase engagement across your club and support the businesses that support you.

Navigating your way through the Member Jungle So why should your club have a Membership or Business Directory? What kind of value and benefits could they hold and how can it add value for your stakeholders?:

1. Getting to Know Your Tribe

Membership directories provide a strong drawcard for your members. Members get to see a full picture of who makes up your association or club. It’s also a way to publicly acknowledge the businesses who support your organisation through sponsorship, donation, or support.

Connecting Along the Grapevine

It’s a simple way to stay in touch! As a group, your members are clearly interested in your club agenda. Part of the value of joining your association or club is the networking and camaraderie.

2. Beating the Drum

It’s an excellent opportunity for both members and businesses to promote their organisations and the services and products they offer. It can contain business information and a backlink to the business’s website or social media pages to help keep that connection growing between your membership and its supporters.

3. Be Discovered or Be Camouflaged  

For some, it makes sense to restrict access to the Membership Directory to maintain privacy, especially if they are publishing contact information. Many businesses, however, want their contribution made public. Here’s why two lists can be helpful. With Member Jungle Directories, you can easily set privacy permissions for each page on your club portal to satisfy everyone’s unique needs. Being able to access these exclusive directories is often a drawcard for membership, in itself!

4. No Monkeying Around

Ahhh! The soothing look of a list. Directories can help your club be more organised. Member listings can be grouped in a variety of ways - from specialty to geographically to alphabetically for whatever suits your needs more.  

5. Wild About the Details

Like sending handwritten thank-you notes or calling people on their birthday, directory listings are a detail that your membership will remember. It’s a way to acknowledge the people and businesses who make your organisation what it is. For businesses that support your club, online listings go further than community pride; they create real value for the businesses and entrepreneurs that believe in your mission.

How to Get a Directory on Your Member Jungle Page

With Member Jungle, Directories are a default feature with a Premium subscription. To get a free demo just visit our Demo Booking page. 

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