5 Things All Administrators Need to Know

By Sami

When starting up, taking over or joining a club as a new administrator, it can be very exciting and, at times, overwhelming. Club administrators have the huge task of being 'God' for their club, as they regulate members, organise events, remind members of important things such as events and renewals, set up and attend meetings, look after the websites, advertise - and that's just the beginning of it. Through using the Member Jungle's Membership Management Software, we help cut back all those unnecessary hours club administrators spend on doing the above tasks, giving them more time to enjoy their club. 


With us on board, you have time to do the fine tweaking. The most important thing about your club is not who you are & what you do, it's your members. Your members are the ones that help drive your club and you want to keep them there and potentially gain more. You also can't forget that they bring in those helpful funds. Therefore, you want their needs to be fulfilled. But, how do you do that? There are five crucial things you need to consider ensuring your members are getting the most out of your club, and that you are on the right track as a club administrator. 

1. Share Information

The very first thing you need to consider is the information you share. Pretend you're in their shoes and have a think about what exactly you would like to know. Your members want information about your club so they know what is happening. Create and share events, news articles, committee ideas, anything to do with your club. The more media platforms (website, newsletter, social media networks) you utilize, the better. 

2. Keep it Simple

People love simple things. The easier it is for your members to stay updated, know what's happening with the club and plan for events, the more they're going to want to be involved. Using the Member Jungle Membership Management Software, we look after this by having automated messages sent for renewal reminders, easy push notifications that administrators can send to members when an event or news update has been created and most importantly, these reminders are sent through the Member Jungle Mobile App that all your members will have on their phones. 

3. Quality & Relevance of Content

Keep all the content you share quality and relevant. This ties in with #2 as if you have quality information, it makes it easier for your members to access and understand. BUT, don't overthink it. Sometimes the content you post can simply be shared with other relevant pages, or even repost something you posted a few weeks back. It doesn't always need to be fresh, just relevant. 

4. Support Your Members

Be there for your members. If you are contacted by a member with questions, reply to them or call them as soon as possible so they feel like they can depend on you. Your members need to know that they're not just a number and to do this, you need to bring out your human side. Regardless of your club's size, your members will always look at you for support, so be there when they need you. This will also play in your favour when your members share stories with their friends about your club. 

5. Give Your Members a Reason for being part of your club

Give your members a reason to be part of your club. Let them know that being a member with your club, they have an advantage over others. They need to know that they are receiving something in return for their membership payments, so give them those answers. Do #1 - #4 well to ensure your members are happy.


Being an administrator can be tricky but with Member Jungle's help and your skills by following the above pointers, you will really enjoy your position. The most important thing you need to take away from this is to create quality information that is simply accessed and readable by all your members. Share this information regularly to keep them interested and be there for them whenever they need your support.

Remember to consider your club's personality when writing and sharing content- especially on social media. If it's a fun and vibrant club, you may want to share more uplifting and exciting content, whereas if it's more to the point and serious, the attitude will be different. 

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