5 Ways To Get More Of Your Members Using The Member Jungle App


Recently, we have been reaching out to some clubs and associations that use the Member Jungle system to see how they find their experience. During this, we have encountered one common thread between many clubs and associations. That is, while club admins love the app and can see how much of a huge benefit it could be to their club and members, they are struggling to get their members to start using the app. 

We decided to take the time to cover a few simple tricks to get more of your members using the app and get your club starting to reap the benefits of that higher app usage. 

1. Hold App Training Sessions For Members 

One of the biggest reasons people are reluctant to adopt new technology is that they don’t understand it. It just seems too complicated and hard, so they just don’t try, and that’s super understandable. However, this is also a pretty easy obstacle to overcome.

Hosting training sessions and workshops is a great way to help your members get to know and understand the Member Jungle app. You should consider hosting in-person workshops where you take the time to show your members how to download, set up and use the app. You could consider making these workshops a part of your preexisting club events or separate events entirely. Either way, taking the time to help your members with the app in person can make a big difference. 

Also, consider hosting training sessions on using the app over Zoom or a similar digital meeting system. This can be an easier and more accessible way for your members to attend these training sessions. Remember that the Venn diagram between people who need help with the app and people who struggle to use Zoom will have considerable crossover. So definitely use online training as it is super helpful, but do not rely solely on it.  

2. Create How-To Guides For Your Members

Training events and workshops are great, but being able to put together how-to guides that members can refer to time and time again will be super effective. Creating some how-to guides should be one of your top priorities if you are struggling to get members onto the app. 

Consider making these how-to guides in several different formats. Printouts can be given to members at events, PDFs that can be emailed to members and stored on the website and even how-to videos. By creating several different formats for this information, you can successfully cater to all of your members, no matter how they learn or their technological skill level. 

For help with this, look at The Member Jungle Mobile App - As a Member. This will give you a massive amount of the information you need to create guides for your members. 

For inspiration, please look at some of the excellent videos Down Under Rally has made to help its members use the app. Check out Down Under Rally's YouTube page for more of these great videos.  


3. Rewards For App Users

Another great way to get more members to use the app is to reward them for doing so. This doesn’t have to be anything major; just some added little perks to help encourage your members to take the leap. Some great examples of this are early access to event registration, discounts, or unique content accessible only through the app. 

One club that is using the Member Jungle system offered free entry to members if they could show that they were using the app. Obviously, it doesn’t need to be this extreme. You could simply offer a 10% discount on merchandise, food, etc., at your events if members check in with the app or show their digital membership cards. 

Alternatively, you could simply make it a requirement that members must have their digital membership cards scanned in order to enter an event. This will make taking event attendance much easier for you and really push your members to get on the app.  

Another great idea to get your members to use the app is to explain to members that you will be posting to the blog or chat features of the app during your events with running updates. For example, a club hosting a large event might post updates to let members know when particular subevents are about to happen or when merchandise is getting close to selling out. Members will need to have the app to be able to receive these updates on the fly, and this will really help encourage more members to download the app. 

Whatever you decide, creating some extra little incentives for members to use the app can make a big difference in app uptake. 


4. Have An App Champion

Have a member of your admin team become the official app champion. Someone who is not only in charge of promoting the app to members but also helping members out with setting up and using the app. This person would be the one members could contact if they had any questions or problems with the app. 

For obvious reasons, this app champion should be someone who is relatively tech-savvy, has the time to champion the app and sees the clear upsides to having more members using it.  

Check out How You Can Troubleshoot For Your Members On The Member Jungle App for a good place to start with this. 

5. Promote Your App To Your Club Members

Making sure your members know about the app and all the benefits that come with using it can be a great way to get more members to use it. So here are a bunch of things your club and app champion can do to promote your app. 

  • Spread the word using email and social media. 
  • Have posters advertising the app at club events. Bonus points for putting the QR code that takes members to the app download on your posters.  Here are some pre-made and fully customisable posters to help get the word out to your members. 
  • Tell everyone about the app's benefits, like easy event registration, event notifications, exclusive content, and anything else you think will benefit your members.
  • Highlight reviews and testimonials from members who are already using and enjoying the app's perks.
  • Send out text messages from the Member Jungle system to members with the URL that allows them to download the app.


Remember to keep in touch with your members and let them ask questions, give feedback, and suggest improvements. Keep the communication fun and engaging, and you'll start to see your app engagement grow. 

What Else Do I Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of Your App

The key takeaways from all of this should be to make your app as prominent as possible, reducing the chance that any of your members will simply forget about it, and to make it as easy as possible for them once they are reminded. 

For some help with creating great social media posts and physical posters to promote the app to your members, check out What Is Canva & How Can You Use It To Promote Your Club?

For some ways to get more benefits from your Member Jungle app, read Opt-In Chat Rooms: What They Are & Why Your Club Needs Them.


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