9 Tips From Member Jungle Customers That You Need To See


Over the last few weeks, Member Jungle has been contacting our customers to check in and see how they are finding their systems. As a part of this, we have been asking them if they would have any tips for other clubs, and they came through. So here are just nine of the best tips we’ve got so far. 

Top Tips For Clubs From Member Jungle Customers

  1. Tip from 4WD QLD 

Just do it, but take the time to set up your back end with levels and security properly because if you don’t, it can be wrong from the start. 

Setting up your membership levels and the security of your website is a crucial step in correctly setting up your membership management system. This is something that either you or a member of our team can do. You can read Everything You Need To Know About Onboarding At Member Jungle for more information. 


  1. Tip from Amputees NSW 

As a committee member, always remember your role relates to the future of the club. You don’t own the club; you are a custodian for the future of the club. 

Planning for the future of your club is equally important and daunting. If you want to know how to prepare your club for whatever the future has in store, read How to future-proof your club


  1. Tip from Picton Magpies Old Boys 

Pay for the Accelerator and don’t muck around. That way, you get the site set how you want it and do not waste volunteers’ valuable time getting stuck on the setup. 

The Accelerator is what we call it when we set up your new management system for you. The option is to either do it yourself or pay for us to do it for you. The Accelerator is more expensive than doing it yourself, but it is quicker and much less prone to mistakes. 


9 Tips From Member Jungle Customers That You Need To See


  1. Tip from Australian Climbing Association Queensland

Don’t muck around with cheap systems. Get a good system like Member Jungle and grow with it. 

When you sign up for a membership management system like Member Jungle, you are investing in your club's future. This system can help your club overcome challenges and set it up for growth. In fact, on average, clubs experience a 69% growth rate after switching to Member Jungle


  1. Tip from Volunteer Marine Rescue Mackay

Member Jungle's level of automation is extremely valuable to clubs manned by volunteers.

Automating the membership renewal process and streamlining a lot of communications with your club members can be a massive time saver for your club. If you want to know more about how membership management systems can save you time, try reading Save Time with an Online Membership Management System.


  1. Tip from Knox Obedience Dog Club

Remember to consider the members of the club for the Member Jungle journey. Make sure they come along, too. 

Change can be scary, and many of your members will have questions about why things are changing and what this means for the club they love. If you want to know how to help your members through this change, read How To Deal With Resistance To Change From Members When Implementing Member Jungle.


  1. Tip from Monaro Car Club of South Australia Inc.

Car clubs with over 200 members should get on Member Jungle, as those numbers are unmanageable otherwise. 

The principle here that clubs over a certain size are unmanageable with pen and paper is undoubtedly true; it doesn’t matter if you are a car club or crochet club. Whether you are in a car club or not, you may find the following article helpful. It is specific for car clubs, but much of it will still apply no matter what club you’re in. How to Save Time, Save Money & Make Car Club Renewals Easier.

9 Tips From Member Jungle Customers That You Need To See

  1. Tip from Birds SA  

Make sure you are bringing your membership team along to learn the Member Jungle system from the beginning. It is best if the main Member Jungle contact also knows the old system to help integrate well with the new system.

Member Jungle offers training for you and any members of your membership team. This training can vary from videos, help articles, and online training sessions to 1-on-1 training sessions. There are also specialised training sessions for your whole committee to ensure your entire management team is on the same page. Some of the training is free, and some will incur additional costs. Go to Book Committee Training Session and Book Online Training to learn more about the training options. 


  1. Tips from Australian Telehealth Society

Make the Webmaster a dedicated management position, like a treasurer or secretary. 

A Webmaster is a club role that sees someone put in charge of managing and updating your club’s website. This is a role that only a few clubs have, but more clubs definitely need. To learn more about having an official webmaster, read What Is A Webmaster? For a more modern up to date term for this role, maybe consider using Website Administrator, Site Administrator, Web Manager or Site Owner. 

What Else Do Existing Member Jungle Customers Have To Say? 

Well, that was just nine tips from customers; as we keep asking people about their Member Jungle experience, we will definitely get some more great tips to share with you. So, keep checking our blog regularly so you don’t miss the next instalment. 

If you are still looking for more insights from current Member Jungle customers, why not look at our case study on the Australian Hand Therapist Association


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