Association Management Software - How Does Member Jungle Rate?


Running an association can be a lot of work. There are all the usual parts of running and operating a business, plus the added stress of managing your members. It only makes sense that you would be looking for something to help make running your association easier and less stressful. 

That is where membership management software like Member Jungle comes in. Software like Member Jungle can make a significant difference in the running of an association by automating many fiddly and time-consuming tasks and giving you the power and time to keep improving your association. 

One question we often hear is, “Does Member Jungle work for associations? I thought it was just for clubs.” This is an easy mistake to make; just a quick look at our homepage, and you will see the word club written a whole bunch more than association. This imbalance is down solely to the fact that writing out “Club and/or Association” every single time is quite bulky and ungainly and doesn’t look good in titles and banners. So, please note that all over our website and in every article we publish, the word club is interchangeable with association. 

On the exceedingly rare occasions that this isn’t the case, we will say so. 

With that established, let’s discuss Member Jungle and your association. 

As Association Management Software - How Does Member Jungle Rate?

Member Jungle Is Association Management Software

As the heading suggests, Member Jungle works great for associations. Member Jungle is membership management software; it has been built from the ground up to accommodate both clubs and associations. Several parts of the system have been built specifically with associations in mind to give associations like yours the best possible level of support. 

Here are just some of the features designed with associations in mind: 

What Size Of Association Can Member Jungle Work With? 

People often wonder if their association is too small or too big for the Member Jungle’s software to be able to manage. It’s a fair question to ask. It would suck to find a membership management software you love only to discover that it won’t work with an association of your size. 

Member Jungle will work as association management software for associations with anywhere from 50 members to 50,000 members. We have multiple packages designed to cater to associations of pretty much all sizes. That being said if your association has more than 50,000 members, the company Bond Software will likely be a better fit for you than us. They specialise in association management software for huge associations, often with more than 100,000 members.  

As far as being too small for Member Jungle, it’s not really possible. Meaning that your association will never be too small for the Member Jungle system to be able to help you. However, it may be hard to justify spending the money on Member Jungle if you have a very small association. It really comes down to your own personal preference. 

For more information on how the size of your association will affect your Member Jungle experience, read the following article. Now, fair warning: This article says club rather than association. However, as I said earlier, the terms are used interchangeably, so this article will apply to you. Is Your Club Too Small For Membership Management Software?

What Other Associations Use Member Jungle As Association Management Software?

A whole range of associations already use Member Jungle to help make running their association easier and less time-consuming. I could shout until I was blue in the face about why Member Jungle is excellent for associations, and it wouldn’t mean half as much as actually hearing from associations already using the system. So, I’m basically going to shut up and hand it over to them for a minute. 

Here is a deep dive into the Australian Hand Therapist Association’s experiences with Member Jungle.

Here is another deep dive, this time into the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce’s experiences with Member Jungle. 

This is a series of tips and advice from clubs and associations using Member Jungle. As I said, there is a good mix of tips from clubs and associations, but I’m sure you will find the advice helpful no matter who it is from. So, please have a read of 9 Tips From Member Jungle Customers That You Need To See

What Else Do You Need To Know About Member Jungle Association Management Software? 

Now that we’ve established that Member Jungle can 100% work for your association, you should take the time and research whether we are the best option for you. I’m not going to lie; we may be the perfect association management software for you, or we might not be a good fit. That’s a call only you can make. 

If you’re looking for a great spot to start your research, read What Is Membership Management Software For Nonprofits? - All Your Questions Answered

If you want more information on exactly how our system can work with your association, please contact a member of our team. They will be more than happy to help you with whatever questions you have. 


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