Auto-Renewing Membership Subscriptions Make Renewal Time Simple!



Continous cashflow, affordable renewals for your members, and therefore higher renewal rate, are just some of the many benefits of having auto-renewing membership subscriptions available for your members. 

This new feature gives administrators the ability to set up a membership product that will save the members card details, and automatically debit their card the agreed repayment when due. You can customise your membership product with such options as;Copy of Untitled (5)

  • If you would like to lock the member in to the subscription for a term, or if the member is able to cancel the subscription at any time
  • The duration of the subscription term
  • When, or if, the member will need to re-accept the terms and conditions

For example, you may have a monthly subscription that locks the member in for a 12 month period, and they need to re-accept the terms and conditions at the 12 month term.


Some tips on setting up your auto-renewing subscription product

This feature is available in all of our Member Jungle packages. To have the ability to add subscription products, please contact us via the Support Portal to request this feature is turned on for your site.

To help you get started, here are some tips for setting up your subscriptions;

  • When using Membership Subscriptions, the system will save the members payment details in the Member Jungle payment gateway. For this reason, the subscriptions are not available to websites that utilise external payment gateways. 
  • Subscription products must be purchased by the member directly, and cannot be added by administrators. This is due to the members requirement to sign up and agree to the payment terms and conditions. 
  • Subscription products are not available for fixed date memberships. Your membership level will need to be set to rolling. See Membership Level Setup for more information on what this means. 


For more information on setting up your subscription products, please visit our help portal

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