Can I import my members into Member Jungle?

By Jeff Pond

You certainly can.  We offer two options for importing your members:

  • DIY member import.
  • Custom import provided by Member Jungle onboarding team.

DIY member import

The do-it-yourself member import will cater to almost all customers who are looking to bring across existing members into Member Jungle.  You have the ability to import your members’ personal details, demographic information, membership details, and membership start/expiry date.

To make things easy, we provide a CSV template for you to download and populate your member information before running the import.  This template ensures your CSV is in the correct format.

What if my data contains errors?

If your data contains errors which makes it unable to import, the system will advise you of what the issue is once it is done validating your CSV. You will be advised which member, what line of the data file, and what the issue is, for rectification, prior to you editing/saving and re-uploading your data file.

What if some of my members don’t have an email address?

An email address is required for the member import, however, we understand that in some cases, some or many members will not have an email address.  If this is the case for your club, we have a comprehensive help article for this scenario which explains how you can still easily import your members without an email address.  Please see this help article: How to import your members.

Custom import provided by Member Jungle Onboarding Team

If you have additional member data that isn’t covered by the DIY member import then we also have a custom import option available by request.  Just speak with our sales team or onboarding team for a quote.  The cost of this import will vary depending on the complexity of your data.

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