Can We Use Our Own Domain Name When We Launch Our Site?

By Jeff Pond

All Member Jungle sites come with a default domain name where you can access your club e.g., however, you can also use a custom domain to better reflect your club.  Once you own a custom domain name it can be used to access your Member Jungle site.

What is a Custom Domain Name?

A custom domain name is a domain name that you have purchased to better reflect the name of your club.  Let's say your club's name is the Newcastle Fishermen Group.  A custom domain name you might like could be "".  The possibilities are mostly endless as long as someone else hasn't already registered the custom domain name!

How can I Register a Custom Domain Name?

If your club doesn't have a custom domain name, you can register a domain name though a domain registrar of your choosing.  You can also register your new domain name via our domain console:  By registering or transferring your domain into our console, it will make applying your domain name to your site much easier because our team can handle the whole process.  All good if you don’t wish to use our domain console, our team can still help you make the required changes in your own domain portal.

How can I use a Custom Domain on my Member Jungle Site?

Now that you have purchased a custom domain or already own one, simply hit the link below  and fill out the form.  If the domain is registered with Tellidomains our team will be able to handle the whole process.  If not, we will be in touch to help you through the process.  Click here to submit your domain details.

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