Can You Remove The Member Jungle Branding From Your Website And App?


Did you know that out of the top 100 brands in the world, 95% only use one or two colours in their branding? The most commonly used colours are blue and red.  



Your club’s branding is massively important to your club’s brand recognition and growth. Logos, colour schemes and branding, in general, play a massive part in a club’s recognition and growth. You’ve likely spent a lot of careful consideration into your logo, colour scheme and brand voice. 

So, when many clubs first sign up for a free trial and see the system, they ask some pretty understandable questions about the Member Jungle branding on the site and how much of it can be removed. Today, that’s exactly what we will talk about, exactly how branding works on the Member Jungle site. 

Customise The Logos & Colours Of The Back End Of The System

As an admin, you will be greeted by the below screen when you log on to the Member Jungle system during your trial. 



So, when you first see this screen, it’s completely understandable that one of your first questions would be how to change the colour, logo and theme to match your club’s branding. There is no way to change the colours, logo or theme of this part of the system. However, this is not your club’s website; this is the back end of the system that no club member will ever see. Only you and your administration team will ever see this screen. 

However, using this back end of the system, you can completely customise the front end of the system that your members do see. So, let’s talk about it. 

Customise The Logos & Colours Of Your Club’s Website

On the system's backend, you can open up the site designer from the left-hand menu. 



From here, you can customise and edit several parts of the website that your members will see, including: 

  • Logo
  • Website theme
  • Header style
  • Footer style
  • Utility bar style
  • Navigation bar style 
  • Social media links position
  • Header colour
  • Footer colour
  • Menu colour
  • Main colour
  • Font style


You can make your entire site look and feel exactly how you want it to. This is something that you can pay the Member Jungle team to do for you or something you can do yourself; it is entirely up to you. 

The only part of your website that will still show any Member Jungle branding is right down the very bottom of your homepage, where it will display a small “Powered by Member Jungle” logo, seen below. 



To learn more about how to customise your Member Jungle website, please read {Customise Your Member Jungle Website: To Suit Your Club’s Voice & Tone.

You can also customise the branding of the invoices your club send to its members. For more information on that, please visit Configuration of Invoices.

Customise The Logos & Colours Of Your Club’s App

From the back end of the system, where you can edit how your website looks, you can also edit how your club’s Member Jungle app looks. You can customise the following parts of your club’s app: 


  • Club logo
  • App background image
  • App highlight colour 
  • Clubs about information 
  • What pages are displayed on the app
  • What order pages are displayed on the app



This customisation is found on the system's back end, where you can edit your website. This will allow you to make the app suit your club’s personal style and tone perfectly. 

Can the Member Jungle Club App Be White-Labelled? 

A common question we get asked is, can the Member Jungle app be white-labelled, meaning can the icon of and name of the app itself be changed? 

Unfortunately, the Member Jungle app cannot be white-labelled. This means it will always be called "Member Jungle" when someone searches for it in the app store. The icon on your members' phones will also always be the Member Jungle tiger icon, and when members log in to the app, they will see the Member Jungle logo. However, once your members find and login to your club, they will remain logged in and will be taken straight to your club homepage when they return.

Ultimately, the Member Jungle app can be extensively customised to suit your club’s branding and tone. Once in the app, your members will have little to no reminders that Member Jungle exists. 


Untitled design


What Else Has The Member Jungle Branding? 

Outside of what we’ve already mentioned, the only time your members will ever see any reminder of Member Jungle is on the preformated automatic emails. Those are your event emails and your membership emails. Again, this labelling can be switched off for clubs who use the Premium Package.  

If you use the Essentials or Standard packages, your members will only ever see our logo in three places. The app icon on their phone, automated emails you send and if they scroll to the bottom of your website. If you use the Premium package, the app icon and the bottom of the website will be the only places your members will see our logo. 

It’s worth noting that depending on how you use the system, Member Jungle may appear in writing in a few places, but it will never affect your branding. 

Your club’s branding is super important, and no matter what package you sign up for, it will be front and centre and given the time of day it deserves. 

How Else You Can Customise Your Member Jungle Experience

I have mentioned it above, but look at Customise Your Member Jungle Website To Suit Your Club’s Voice & Tone. To get a great deep dive into how you can make your Member Jungle site your own. 

Otherwise, read Everything You Need To Know About Onboarding At Member Jungle for a breakdown of what you’ll need to do if you decide to pull the trigger on Member Jungle. 


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