Customise Your Member Jungle Website To Suit Your Club’s Voice & Tone


How a website looks can make a massive difference to its effectiveness. Your website is often the first impression potential new members get of your club, and just like in real life, first impressions are super important. So, making sure that your website looks good and gives a good first impression is vital to the future of your club’s success. 

The truth is, the importance of your website will only grow in the years to come as websites become a bigger part of your club and more people from the younger generations join clubs. The younger generations, in particular, put much more importance on how a website looks. The logic is that if someone isn’t willing to put effort into their website, then what’s the chance that they put effort into running their club? 

Member Jungle helps you with this by giving you access to a beautiful, customisable and fully functional website for your club. Today, we are going to talk about exactly how the Member Jungle website can be customised to best suit and represent your club’s brand and style. 



Your Member Jungle Website Is Fully Customisable 

To put it simply, you can customise almost everything on your website. You can relocate or delete any element and change widgets. Depending on how much content you have to display, you can choose the number of pages you want and decide which pages will be available to the public and which will be exclusively for members.

You can upload new images, edit text and links, and change the position of your logo and social media links on your website. Once you choose your theme, you can select the colours for the background, header background, text, buttons, and headings. You can also decide where your social media links will be displayed, whether in the utility bar or footer. 

If you don’t like the default text on the ‘join’ button in the header, you can change it to suit your preferences. You could make it “Become a Member”, “Join the Club” or literally anything you like. 

You can also choose the type of navigation you want, be it a standard menu strip that disappears as you scroll up or a navigation that remains visible at all times.

Basically, during the setup phase of your website, you can fully customise how your website looks and functions, allowing for a site that fully represents your club. 

Your Club Website’s Theme

One of the most essential parts of customising your club website with Member Jungle is choosing your website theme. Your website theme dictates the layout and style of your website, including logo, social media buttons and login/register button locations. Plus, the layout and style of the website footer and navigation. 

Member Jungle has a whole library of both free and paid themes for you to choose from. Below are just a few examples of themes that are available from Member Jungle. 

Customising Your Chosen Theme 

Once you have chosen your theme, the Member Jungle team will be able to edit aspects of your chosen theme to better suit your needs, including your: 

  • Website colours 
  • Logo
  • Logo location 
  • Social media icon location 
  • Login/Register button location
  • Website fonts
  • Change the wording on all buttons 

Let our web designers know what colours you want to use, where you want your logo, and what you want in your header and footer, and they will make your website exactly what you envisioned. 


You Can Customise Your Website Yourself

The Member Jungle team is able to do all the previous customisation for you to your specifications as a part of the onboarding process. However, if you would like, you can do pretty much all of the above yourself. You simply need to ask a member of the Member Jungle team to get you started on our Site Designer, and you’ll be cooking with gas. 

There are still a few technical things that a member of our team will need to do for you, but for the most part, you will be able to do most of it yourself. 

Fully Custom Website For Your Club

If you need a more advanced design for your Member Jungle website, we offer "Custom Design Packages". This way, one of our expert designers can create a website layout and design that is exactly what you're looking for. If you decide to go for a Custom Design Package, you will have an online meeting with our design team where you will be able to explain to them exactly how you want your website to look and what functionality you want it to have. This will help us create a website that perfectly suits your club and members. 

We will create a PDF mock-up of your website to show you how your site will look on desktop and mobile. You can review and request any changes before the new design is applied to your website. 

The Custom Design Package includes everything that comes with the standard Quick Website Setup Package, plus the following: 

  • A Custom Designed Website 
  • An additional 30 Pages of Website Content
  • The Setup of a Restricted Members Area
  • A Dedicated Project Manager 
  • Custom Email Template Design 
  • A Free Custom Event or Membership Certificate.

It's a fantastic way to get even more control over exactly how your website looks and functions. Helping make it the best possible tool for your club. 

What Else Do You Need To Know About Setting Up Your Club Website?   

Now that we’ve covered how you can fully customise your club’s site with Member Jungle. You may want to look at either of the following articles to help get a better understanding of why your website is so important and how you can actually start this whole process. 

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