Digital Membership Cards, POS Systems and Your Licensed Club


How Digital Member Cards Could Work At Your Licensed Club

I’ve never owned or managed a bar, but in my younger days, I did work in several and in wedding catering. Now, I’m not going to pretend to be some old, hardened barhand with a ton of experience, but I know enough to know that it isn’t easy and certainly has its challenges. A good friend of mine has run a bar in Sydney for several years, and based on what his hairline has done in that time, it’s not a job without stress. 

Today, we will discuss how Member Jungle’s membership management system can work with your club’s POS system to make your life easier and save time and your hairline. Specifically, we will be talking about how Member Jungle can help pubs and clubs with members. 

What Is Member Jungle? 

In case you haven’t heard of Member Jungle, here is a quick summary of what it is and how it works. 

Member Jungle is membership management software that helps make club management easier and more streamlined. Member Jungle is basically a digital tool that makes running the membership side of your club a lot easier than ever before. It stores all your club and member information in one place, automates many tasks, makes communicating with your members easy and efficient and saves you a lot of time in the process. Member Jungle has a custom website, an integrated app, online member sign-ups, automatic membership renewals, and digital member cards, and it may work with your POS. It also helps with event management, registration, and attendance tracking. 

Of course, Member Jungle and membership management software, in general, can only help with your club’s organisational and member side. The second someone invents software that can stop screaming children from mushing chips into the carpet and drunken, belligerent patrons from telling you how to do your job; we will let you know. 


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Managing Your Members With Member Jungle

The way Member Jungle helps you manage your members is pretty straightforward. It allows you to take member sign-ups and member renewals online, accept online membership payments, and issue digital membership cards to all of your members. It also gives you a wide range of tools to communicate better with your members, track their engagement and organise your events. 

Using Member Jungle can save you a lot of stress, time, and energy and help your club grow. This is an extremely brief overview; read What is Membership Management Software for a more detailed breakdown.

what is Member Jungle?

How The Member Jungle Digital Member Cards Can Work With Your Club’s POS  

As mentioned, digital membership cards are a part of the Member Jungle system. These digital membership cards can be customised with your club’s logo and colours. The membership cards are generated dynamically, displaying your group’s branding at the top along with the member’s name, member number, membership level, expiration date, unique barcodes and QR codes, which can be used with your POS system.  We can also offer custom cards if needed that could include your member profile photos or custom information. 

All your members need to do is download the Member Jungle app, where they will be able to access their membership card to show at the club. The card will appear with a QR code and a Barcode which will be able to be scanned by your integrated POS system. 


Digital Member Cards Barcode and QR Code Scanning

This means you can use your current POS system to scan the barcodes on your members’ digital cards for them to redeem member discounts. Your POS system will just need to be able to store the member information and barcode number that is generated in Member Jungle, so that when the card is scanned it can identify the member.

All in all, using Member Jungle with your POS system will save you time, reduce mistakes and help keep the member list in your POS system as accurate as possible. 

How Member Jungle Works With Your Cloud-Based POS System 

The Member Jungle system integrates with Zapier. This means if your POS system is cloud based and integrates with Zapier, Member Jungle can send the member signup and renewal information directly through to your POS system. There will need to be some configuration done with Zapier and possibly your POS system, but then you will be good to go. When a new member signs up, or an existing member renews their membership through the Member Jungle system, their details can be automatically sent to your POS system. This could include the member’s name, number, expiry date, and barcode so they can scan at your POS system and be identified immediately. Your POS system will also need to be able to scan QR codes or EAN 13 Barcodes, see more on how our Barcodes are generated here.

This means that someone could possibly sign up to be a club member through your Member Jungle website, receive their digital membership card, and scan for member discounts on your POS within five minutes while standing in your lobby.

Member Jungle doesn't interfere with any of the member tracking, POS transactions or discounts, it just allows members to be identified at your POS system, without needing a physical card printed.

How Member Jungle Works With Your Non-Cloud-Based POS System 

Not all POS systems are cloud-based, but that doesn’t mean that the Member Jungle system can’t work with them. If your POS system isn’t cloud-based, the Member Jungle system won’t be able to send member data to it directly. Instead, you will have to export the member data yourself and import it into your POS system. 

While this may take longer than a cloud-based POS, it is still pretty simple. The Member Jungle system is designed to export membership data quickly, easily, and in the format you need. The best practice would be to transfer data from your Member Jungle system to your POS system regularly to ensure that all the information is up-to-date and accurate. 

Member Jungle also has a Comparison Report available that clubs can use to compare the member data in their POS system with the data in their Member Jungle one, to make sure that it is all correct. This report can also be used to update data in either system as required. 

Ultimately, a vast number of different POS systems are available out there, all owned by different companies and operating in different ways. Therefore, the level of integration that the Member Jungle system will be able to have with your POS system will vary from case to case. If you want to know more about how your particular POS system works with the Member Jungle site, you can contact us directly, and we will be more than happy to help. 

Using Member Jungle’s Digital Membership Cards To Track Event Attendance 

Another important way Member Jungle’s digital membership cards can help your club is their usefulness in tracking event attendance. The way this works is that when your members turn up to an event, you can use the Member Jungle app on your phone to scan either your members’ digital membership cards or their event tickets. This checks them into the event and enters this information into the system for you to view later. 

Doing this makes running your events easier and tracking which events are popular and which aren’t easier than ever before. It can also help you track how popular your events are over time, meaning that if your weekly trivia attendance is slowly going down, the Member Jungle system can show you this in clear, easy-to-read graphs.   

Can Member Jungle Work For My Club Or Venue?

Yes, if you run a club or venue that has memberships and runs events, then Member Jungle could be the right option for you. However, it is worth investigating further to work out exactly how it will work. The best way to do this is to sign up for a free 30 day trial of the Member Jungle system and see what it can do for you for yourself. 

To find out more about digital membership cards have a look at Does My Club Need Digital Membership Cards?


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