Does Member Jungle Have a Membership App


Member Jungle offers a simple way for you to engage with your members via their mobile phones or smart devices. The Member Jungle mobile app is able to be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple Store and works on smartphones or tablets. The benefit of the app is that it completely integrates with your website so you only need to update and maintain content in one place.

The app automatically updates the following items as soon as you update them on the website:

  • News 

  • Events

  • Documents (in the Library)

  • Business Directory Listings

  • Blog Articles

  • Membership details

Plus for all of the modules, you have the option as an administrator to send a push notification directly through to your members phones to notify them of the update.

The mobile app also offers additional features for members, including:

  • Access to a digital member card complete with a QR code and barcode

  • Ability to update their own membership details (and have them pushed through to the member database)

  • Option to register or purchase tickets to an event and see others that are coming

  • Chat and engage with other members in the chatroom

  • And much more…

The mobile app is a great tool for both young and older generations as they can easily find things at their fingertips without having to search and log in to a website. Read more about how to get all users onboard with the app here

The Member Jungle mobile app also has other benefits for administrators as well, allowing administrators to see a full list of members on their phones, approve pending members and also email them directly from the app. It can also help with event management, where you can see a full list of event registrations on your phone, scan a member card to mark attendance or tick when someone arrives, which automatically updates your event module on your website as well.

The mobile app can be branded to suit your organisation, including your colours, logos, selected homepage layout and background image. To find out more about the Member Jungle app today and how it may work for your membership base, speak to our team today.


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