Emailing your members and tracking performance, using the Email Campaign Module



Keeping your members engaged is an important part of having an informed and satisfied member base. This is especially important if your association or organisation's aim is for continued growth. But do you know how to monitor just how well your emails are performing? You can do this by viewing the statistics in your Member Jungle Email Campaign. 

The Member Jungle Email Campaign is a useful tool to create informative emails, and send straight to your members inbox. The ability to filter your recipients makes it a simple task to send your emails to a target audience, such as current members, expired members, or members who have registered to attend an event. 

To send an email to your members, go to the Email Campaign Module, and click on the manage icon, next to the "Send Members an Email" campaign. 

You can create a new campaign, or clone an existing campaign, and then click edit to create your email. 

Once you have completed your email, click Preview to see how the email will appear when sent. Here you can also send yourself a test email, and if required click Change to return to the editor to make any required changes.

If you are satisfied with the email, click Send to filter your email recipients. 

View your email's performance statistics

Once you have your list of recipients, click send. If your recipent list is large, sending your email may take a few seconds, ensure that you only click once and wait, or you may unintentionally send the email multiple times. 

You can view your Email's performance after you have sent it, by clicking the statistics of the email. Here you can view the unique reads (how many first time reads), times read, and how many unread emails. You can also view the list of email addresses that have read the email, and a list of untraceable emails. 



Non Member Email Campaign

The Email Campaign Module is not just aimed at members. You can also use this module to email subscribers, or link an email campaign to certain roles from security, such as staff or committee.

There are available widgets that can be added to pages to collect subscribers, or alternatively, you can import your list of subscribers in to the campaign. 

This is a good way to keep non members and prospective members updated on the happenings in your organisation, and stay interactive with your audience.


For more information on the Email Campaign, please see our Member Jungle Help Portal


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