Everything You Need To Know About Onboarding At Member Jungle


Starting anything can be a daunting process. Onboarding with a new membership management system like Member Jungle is no different. You probably have about a whole bunch of questions you want answered before you make a decision. No one expects you to decide whether you want to do this or not without all the information. 

So today we are going to answer as many questions as we can about the onboarding process. By the end of this article you will hopefully have a much better understanding of what is involved in onboarding and whether you want to sign up with Member Jungle or not. 

We’ve put together a bunch of the questions that our current customers had when they signed up. 

So grab your favourite drink, put on your reading music and let’s get to it. 

What Is Onboarding At Member Jungle?

Onboarding is what we call the process between when you decided to go with us and when your site goes live to all your members. As an admin you will have access to your website the entire time it is being designed. This process includes the design of your website using your colours, branding and images, the import of all your member data and giving you all the training you need to use your new system. You will have the option to design and create your own website or let our designers do it for you. 

What Is Involved In Onboarding?  

To help you get a better understanding of what onboarding involves here are the 12 steps involved in onboarding in order:

  1. Start your 30-day free trial 
  2. Explore your fully functional website 
  3. Configure your website fully in trial if you would like
  4. D.I.Y. website can be fully finished in your trial period before your first payment
  5. Download and explore the accompanying Member Jungle app
  6. Sign up for your chosen package with a 90-day money-back guarantee 
  7. Pay the one-off onboarding fee
  8. Add Your Organisation Details
  9. Setup your payment gateway to accept online membership payments
  10. Decide whether you want us to create your new website and configure your system for you, or if you want to do it yourself
  11. Access training resources
  12. Final pre-launch training with us if we built your new website
  13. Attend free training webinars if you built your own website with D.I.Y. 
  14. Your new website and membership management system is live 
  15. Enjoy your club again

That’s the long and short of it. You probably have more questions about some of those things. Like how do I add my organisation details? How do you set up a payment gateway? Well, that’s fair enough. The good news is that you will have access to our library of training resources that will help you with all of this. You will also be given a checklist on signup so you can just make your way through that. Plus support from Member Jungle is always available, so if you get stuck we’ll have your back. 

Our free training is more than enough to teach you everything you need to know about operating your new system. However, there is also completely optional paid training available, for those who want to learn even more. Though it is not something you have to do, you will be taught everything you need to know in the free training. 

How Do I Input My Details Into Member Jungle?

As we touched on above one of the steps is adding your details to the new system. This involves your tax details, your club details and member details. So, how do you do that? Well here’s how. 

Member Details

To quickly add your existing members to the system, you can import your member data using a CSV file for each membership level. After formatting your data, the import process is straightforward. We offer add-on setup options where we can assist you with importing your member data. These options include a standard import and a more extensive custom import. Of course support from us and How To’s are always available. 

Club Details 

To quickly input your club information we have an Organisation Setting Module. All you need to do is add in the required information and click save, all the information is then imported into your new system. 

The form includes:

  • Company/organisation name
  • Short name e.g. “My Club”
  • Organisation Identification Number: ABN/ACN/ARBN/NZBN 
  • Xero account code
  • Website URL 
  • Website name 
  • Contact email
  • First and last names for the website contact

Once you’ve done this all your information will be ready to import into the system. Of course, if there is anything else we need we will just reach out. Once all the information is imported the system will use it to fill in various places on your website. Such as membership cards, the mobile app, member invoices and the footer of your website. 

Member Levels vs Member Products? 

One of the most common questions we get is, what’s the difference between membership levels and products? The answer to this is one of the simpler ones we are covering today. A membership level controls access and benefits. A member product is the price of that access and benefits. Every package at Member Jungle offers a set amount of membership levels, but an unlimited number of member products. 

Every member level will likely have several membership products underneath it. These membership products may be things like, one year membership, two year membership, family membership and more. Each of these member products can be set up as either a rolling membership or a fixed membership. A rolling membership will expire on the anniversary of the sign up. While a fixed membership will expire on whatever date you set. This means that you can choose to have all your members up for renewal at the same time or spread out through the year. You are able to set different prices for new members and returning members in a single membership product. Offering a discounted price for returning members is a great way to increase your member retention. 

Different levels of access refer to what members are able to see on the website and app. So your average member can not see admin and management only information. Benefits refer to discounts on merchandise and event tickets, that may only be available to a certain level of member. This means that you can set an admin member level, pro member level, basic member level or any other level you need. As the administrator you can decide what level of access and benefits each level gets. You can also create custom membership forms that include fields for members of one membership level that may not be relevant to another level. For example, if you run a RSL / sailing club you can have two levels; a standard social level, and a sailing level. Then you can set it so all your sailing level members need to fill out a boat registration form in their membership details, and configure it so your social level members don’t need to do this.

How Does The Website Work?

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about how the custom website works. So let’s get to it and try to answer them all. 

Can I keep my old URL and domain name?

Yes. It’s that simple you can keep your old URL and domain name. If you want new ones then we can also provide them for you. 

What if I don’t have a current URL or domain name? 

We can provide you with a new URL and domain name. 

How much does a domain name cost?

Domain names are available through our Austiger Hosting for around $45 a year, though the price does vary according to your needs and options. You are under no obligation to use one of our domains. If you find a better deal we will happily assist you in setting that domain name up for your Member Jungle Website.

Making the website

There are two options when it comes to the creation of your new website, do it yourself or let our professional web designers do it for you. These are called D.I.Y. and Accelerator. Both the D.I.Y. and Accelerator give you access to all of the following:

  • Free and paid website themes
  • Import your colour scheme
  • Use your logo
  • The ability to build on and customise the homepage extensively 
  • Tech support from Member Jungle

The main difference is how much you want to do yourself, and that’s just personal preference. 

If you choose to go with the Accelerator, our professional web designers will put together your new website. They will do this using your colours, images and branding. Even if you are letting us make it for you you can still choose a free or paid theme from our site and add your logo. You still have all the power, you just don’t have the hassle. If you want specific details or info on your homepage you can simply send it to us via a Word document and we will import it all so it looks beautiful.    

Member Jungle Template

Member Jungle Template

Just a few examples of our free and paid themes. 

How Long Does Onboarding Take At Member Jungle?

There’s no concrete answer to this, it depends on how complicated your website is and how quickly you give us all the necessary information. It also depends on whether you choose to go with the D.I.Y. or let us do it for you. 

On average the D.I.Y. takes around 45 days, however, this is entirely dependent on you. If you were really organised and got stuck in it could take you as little as a week. By the same token, if building the website isn’t a priority for you, you could spend as much time as you wanted on it. There’s no time limit. 

On average the Accelerator takes around two or three weeks. Again this really does depend on you. If you give us all the information we need quickly we can have it up sooner than two weeks. Of course if it isn’t a priority for you and it takes you a long time to get us everything we need then it will take longer than a few weeks. 

Really the length of onboarding is all depending on you and what you choose.  

How do I introduce the new system to my existing members?

Now to a biggy. You’ve gone through all the onboarding, your new website is up and running perfectly, you know how the accompanying app works. All that’s left is getting it all out to your members. 

To help with this we have created a template for you to email them and welcome them to your new system. This email template can be personalised as much as you like. It will tell them your website address, what their username is and how to set their password for the first time. 

It will also be able to tell them about the exciting things they will be able to do and access in your new system. Make sure to add in some personal touches to make sure they know that you're still the great club they know and love. If you want to have a sneak peak at this email template just go here

More questions? 

We sincerely hope this has answered a lot of your questions about the onboarding process at Member Jungle. If you have any other questions please have a look at our Customisable Learning Management System


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