How Afterpay Can Help Your Club Survive These Trying Times


It’s no secret that things are tough at the moment. Inflation keeps increasing, and household budgets keep getting leaner. Things are getting so tough that the last time Scrooge McDuck tried to jump into his money bin, he died. 

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I know that's a slightly dark way to start an article, but when talking about stuff like this, I'm a big believer in making it more palatable with a little bit of humour. 

I know that the fact that money's tight at the moment won't be surprising to you. Don't worry; this won't be some doom-and-gloom article moping around. Instead, we will be talking about a new feature that Member Jungle has just introduced that will help alleviate this problem a bit. 

Afterpay Is Now Available On Member Jungle

This has nothing to do with how you pay your subscription fees to us to use Member Jungle; instead, it will allow you to have your members pay you via Afterpay

As I said, times are tough, and some members are likely unsure if they can justify renewing their membership or attending the next big event because of the price. This is especially true for anyone with multiple family members in one club. Getting hit for a couple of membership renewals at the same time might honestly be too much for some people's budgets. It would certainly be too much for mine. 

This is where Afterpay can be a massive help. Afterpay allows users to split big payments into four lots payable every two weeks. So, if you have someone in your club who needs to pay $400  for their membership renewal or a ticket to a big event, they won't need to stump up that $400 then and there. They will instead be able to break that payment into four payments of $100, which is much more manageable. 

This will make staying an active member of your club more manageable for many people. 

How Does Afterpay Work For Your Club?

Afterpay is only available if you are using your own Stripe payment gateway. If you are not on your own gateway, please Open a Support Ticket and ask us how you can set it up. Please note that additional Stripe fees may apply. 

It's worth noting a few key things here. These four payments are interest-free, so if your member spends $400, they won't be stung by crazy credit card-style interest rates. Like most things, there are additional fees if payments are missed; this isn't free money, after all. Afterpay will limit how much members can spend to begin with, but this "spend limit" will increase the more on-time payments users make. 

For more information on how Afterpay works, please see Afterpay How It Works.

It's also worth noting that you get your money as normal. When your member uses Afterpay to cover that big $400 payment, you will be paid that $400 upfront from Afterpay. The member will then be paying off Afterpay, not you. Basically, from your end, there won't be any difference; you will still get paid as normal. 

Finally, Afterpay can not be used for payments from your admin team to Member Jungle, and your members cannot use Afterpay for subscription products. Other than that it is more or less fair game. 

Where To From Here?

Using Afterpay with your club will have no negative effects on you. It will allow members more flexibility in their payments and will help event attendance and membership renewal rates stay high as we all weather this financial storm.

If you want more information on how Afterpay works and how to get the ball rolling on using Afterpay with your club, please read Afterpay in Member Jungle.  


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