How Can Moving Online Save Your Club Time


Depending on how your club or organisation works moving your membership system online can save hours and hours of time every week. We recently chatted to Dave who is the Membership Coordinator from Broadmeadow Hog and he says it reduced the hours he spent per week from 20 hours to 1 from their membership base is growing rapidly.

Here are just a few examples of where and how you can save time with a Member Jungle system.

1) Save Time with Online Sign-up Forms

Many clubs are still using paper based sign-up forms, which are printed or downloaded from the club website. Each form is then filled in by the member and then given or posted to the Membership Coordinator.  The information from these forms is then manually transcribed into a spreadsheet or database of some kind and the paperwork filed. Often info is missing and they need to be contacted for additional information and sometimes the forms or payments go missing and have to be tracked down.

With an online system, members can complete their own membership application form online from anywhere with internet access (including on a tablet if you still hold registration days). The information is then saved directly into your online member database and the Member Coordinator hasn't needed to lift a finger, plus there are validation checks to make sure they don't miss any important information.

2) Save Time with Online Event Registrations

Event registration is still a nightmare for many clubs, with tickets having to be physically printed and people given the job of selling and handing out tickets. Often it requires manual tracking of the ticket numbers and who tickets have been sold to, plus trying to catch-up with people to collect money.

Moving to Member Jungle means you can simply add an event to your website and send an email or post to a social network and members can purchase their tickets themselves. As an event coordinator you can limit numbers and print out the attendee lists prior to the event. Selling tickets couldn't be easier!

3) Save Time with Automatic Payment Reconciliation

I have one customer who up until recently were manually taking 3000+ membership payments either via cash, direct deposit or cheque. Then having to not only enter the member information manually but physically bank the money and reconcile each individual payment.  Renewal time become a huge head-ache where the volunteers were spending hundreds of hours managing the club every year. That is not to mention the cash transactions for merchandise and event tickets. The Treasurer of their clubs was almost ecstatic the first year they moved their membership system online.

Taking payments online via a secure payment gateway means members can pay for their membership, merchandise and events all online. Their payment is automatically reconciled and members can also be instantly approved with no work from the Membership Coordinator. All of the data is exportable and can be given to your account or imported straight into Xero. 

4) Save Time with Automated Renewal Reminders & Online Renewal

Renewal time for some clubs requires collating their membership data, writing a new membership letter and having to mail merge in the member data ready to post out. Letters are then printed, put into envelopes and put in the post box. This is a really time consuming and costly process that causes grief with lots of clubs. That's without even mentioning how frustrating it is when you receive hundreds of those membership renewal letters back return to sender. Then starts the process of receiving their new membership renewals back and having to manually update their information and reconcile payments.

The Member Jungle system completely automates the renewal process for you. Members will automatically receive email reminders before their membership is due and be able to login and renew without any administration intervention required. The Member Jungle system allows Membership Coordinators to easily send additional Email and SMS reminders to any members that let their membership expire.

5) Save Time with Automated Receipts and Digital Member Cards

Printing and posting membership receipts or membership cards is not only a costly but time consuming that can be totally avoiding my moving online.

The Member Jungle system instantly issues a receipt via for all online transactions and can create an and email a digital member out to all members. The member card can also then be accessed at anytime by the member via logging onto your club website.

6) Save Time by Allowing Members to Update Their Own Details

The process of updating a members address or contact details for many clubs is quite arduous and manual. But if the details aren't updated, it has flow on effects with membership cards and renewal notices being returned to sender.

The Member Jungle system allows members to login themselves and update and maintain their own membership contact details. Plus administrators can easily make changes from the administration area when required.

7) Save Time when Communicating with Members

Traditional methods of communicating with members can be quite manual and time consuming, the Member Jungle system however allows you to quickly and easily send bulk SMS and Email Messages to all of your current or expired members and also all event attendees.


These are just some of the obvious ways moving your membership system online can save time and examples that apply to most clubs. If you want to discuss just how we can help you, please contact the team at Member Jungle today.

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