How Configurable is Member Jungle to suit my Club Needs?


How Configurable is Member Jungle to suit my Club Needs?

The Member Jungle system is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows you to configure and manage your club’s website, membership, events, store sales, and more. It is an out-of-the-box solution, sometimes referred to as ‘off-the-shelf’ that can help you manage your membership organisation. 

Often when these terms are used, people have concerns that the system will be fixed and rigid and not be able to adapt to their specific club’s needs and processes. I can assure you, Member Jungle is built specifically for membership organisations like yours and can be set up and configured to suit most clubs' individual requirements. 

Before we dive in any further, let’s start with the main reason you’re normally looking at an online platform: “membership”. The Membership System in Member Jungle can be configured in five main areas to meet your needs. 

  1. Membership Forms: the system will allow members to sign up online and complete a customised application form where you can collect as many custom fields as you need from your members. These membership forms can include file uploads for things like insurances, and image uploads if you need a photo ID on a club licence or ‘select boxes’ so you can find out your members interests. Each form allows you to select which fields are required, who can see and edit each field, and also if fields appear on your signup or renewal forms. 
  2. Membership Levels: if you have different membership types in your club you can create various membership levels (with different forms, emails, and access levels) and have multiple products under each (with different prices, names, durations, and group members included). See when should I use a membership level vs a product for more information. All of this data that’s collected can be viewed against a member and exported at any point in time. You can control all different types of membership level settings, including: setting up fixed date or rolling date memberships, deciding if you want to allow group memberships, or even choosing how many days before expiry you allow a member to renew their membership.
  3. Membership Products: underneath each membership level you can also create an unlimited number of products.  These membership products can be various durations, names, prices and also types i.e. one might be an automatic subscription type. Also some products (eg. a Life Membership) may not be publicly available for general sign up but is restricted to certain existing members.
  4. Membership Emails: to automate the membership signup and renewal process Member Jungle uses six emails that use dynamic member information and can be personalised for your club.  These emails include:

Manual Approval Email - this is sent if manual payment methods are turned on or if you require new or renewing members to be held for admin approval.

Approval Success Email - this email is sent to all new members when they have been approved. It is typically used for companies integrating the business directory for instructions on how to complete their listing.

Signup Welcome Email - this email is sent to all new members as soon as they are approved or have paid (if auto approval is turned on). It typically welcomes them to your club, sends their paid invoice, gives them details on how to download the Member Jungle app and sends them a digital copy of their member card.

Renewal Reminder Email - this email automatically is sent to members when their membership expiry date is coming up soon. You can configure your site for how many renewal reminders you wish to send and what time frames e.g. 14 days before, 2 days before, 7 days after and 30 days after expiry. The system will then automatically send this reminder email to any members whose membership expiry date falls on these reminder times. If the member renews from the first email, their expiry date will automatically be updated and they won’t receive any following reminders. 

Renewal Success Email - similar to the Signup Welcome Email this email is sent to all members who have renewed their membership and includes welcome content, their invoice and a reminder to download and use the app.

Auto Removal Email - according to the constitution of many membership organisations, you only have a certain number of days to renew your membership or you will be removed and will need to rejoin. For this reason we have a setting in each membership product that changes expired members to removed, in a set number of days. This email is then an optional email that can be sent to members to alert them that if they wish to return to the club they have to rejoin. 

You can choose which of these 6 emails are needed for your membership organisation and configure them to suit your process and members.

  1. Membership Groups: our membership group functionality is linked to levels and products and it is a great way you can configure your membership system to cater for family and corporate groups. The Membership group functionality allows you to control how many members are allowed to be included in a product i.e. A Couple Members (1 Primary and 1 Secondary Member) or a Corporation with 4 staff (1 Primary and 3 Secondary Members). The products can all have different prices and allow primary members to manage their own secondary members. Also secondary members get full access to all membership functionality and appear in your database so you can include them in all member communications. 

There are so many other ways that you can configure your Member Jungle website to meet your organisational needs, including, website design and branding, branding on the Member Jungle app, even if you have your content publicly available on the website or restricted to members only. Check out the article “Should I keep my existing website or use the Member Jungle one” for more ideas on how you can best utilise the Member Jungle platform.

The mobile app automatically updates when you update the website content, and you can customise the mobile app to best suit your organisation. You can include your own colour, your own brand and your own background image, as well as control what options members see when they access your mobile app homepage.

The rest is really up to you.  There is a suite of modules that are available in Member Jungle which can all be used and adapted to best suit your needs. Our business directory is often used linked with membership, as a sponsors directory, or sometimes as a list of businesses that provide your members discounts. Another example is our blog module, which in some cases is used for content, in other cases people pay for access to a membership, which gives them editing access in the blog module to advertise and write blogs to promote items for sale (cars, horse breeding and more).

If you have an idea and want to discuss exactly how Member Jungle might work for you, please book a meeting with our sales team.


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