How Do I Tell My Members About Member Jungle?


So you’ve just signed up for Member Jungle, and now it’s time to work out how to tell your members about the change. Well, there's no need to worry about it; we will make this as easy for you as possible. So, sit back, get yourself a coffee, a tea or something stronger and let’s get into how to tell your members.

Welcome Email Template For Your Club Members

First things first, we have a pre-built email template designed to help you tell your members about the change. This email functions as an introduction to the system. It will give your members their username and a link to set up their passwords and let them know what they can do once they start using the system. 

There is also a template included in the system that provides instructions for downloading the mobile app, along with direct links to the Google and Apple stores. This can be attached to the welcome email or sent separately. 

How Do I Tell My Members About Member Jungle?


This template is fully customisable to better suit your needs and your club's style and feel. The Member Jungle email system also has “Dynamic Fields”, meaning that you can add the first name dynamic field at the start of the email and the username dynamic field where it's needed, and the system will autofill all the relevant information. You can bulk send this welcome email to all your members. There is no need to manually edit each email to ensure it has the correct name and username.  

Remember to take the time to customise and personalise this welcome email. A change like this can be jarring for club members, so you should take every opportunity to show them that the club they love isn’t disappearing. 

Using The Launch Pack To Help Your Club Members

Just before your club’s new system is ready to go live, you will be sent a launch pack that will help you get your members ready for the change. This launch pack has several customisable templates that can be used as social media posts or printed flyers that can help tell your members about the change and the new system. 


How Do I Tell My Members About Member Jungle?


Using these templates and social media is a good way to help get and keep your members up to date with the latest news about your new system. 

This is only a brief overview of the launch pack. For a more detailed breakdown of how to get the most out of your launch pack and how to customise the included templates, read What Is Canva & How Can You Use It To Promote Your Club?

Talk To Your Members At Events About The Changes

Clubs are all about personal connections with people, and fear that those personal touches will be lost is one of the main reasons club members express concern about changes like this. One of the best ways to tell your members about your move to Member Jungle and alleviate members’ concerns is to talk to them in person at events. It’s really a two birds one stone scenario. 


How Do I Tell My Members About Member Jungle?


At your club events, you could take some time to demonstrate the system to your members, demonstrate the app, hold a Q&A or just generally inform them about the upcoming changes. Whatever you decide to do, your events are a great place for you to get your members up to date with the new system. 

What Else Can You Do To Tell Your Members About Member Jungle?

You can send an email from your current system telling your members what to expect to happen in the coming weeks. Let them know to watch for an email from the new system that will give them their username and password information. 

A lot of club’s keep their original URL when they sign up to Member Jungle, however if you are getting a new URL there are a few things you can do. Once you've been given access to your new website, it's a good idea to start sharing the new website's URL with your members. You can send it to your members via email, post it on social media and link it to your old website. This will help your members find your new website and will also increase your website's SEO ranking.  

What To Do If Your Members Are Hesitant About the change

Unfortunately, not every one of your members will be fully onboard with your planned changes when they first hear of them. This isn’t the end of the world, however. There are plenty of things you can do to alleviate your members’ concerns and make sure your whole club is on board with the change. 

For more information on this, have a read of How To Deal With Resistance To Change From Members When Implementing Member Jungle


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