How Does Member Jungle’s Membership Management System Work


How does Member Jungle work?

Member Jungle is an Australian-based membership management system specifically designed to help clubs, associations, and membership organisations operate more efficiently and with less manual labour. 

It achieves this through a wide array of specialised modules, all seamlessly integrated into one all-in-one system designed to help you run your club more efficiently and quickly.   

This article will cover who we are, what the Member Jungle system is, and how it can help your club. Don’t worry; I will do my best to keep this whole thing helpful, short, and interesting, so basically, like Danny Devito. 


helpful, short, and interesting, like Danny Devito


What Is The Member Jungle System?

Member Jungle is an all-in-one membership management system that provides volunteer-run organisations with a single unified platform to easily and simply manage all of their operations. 

It simplifies administration, communication, and reporting through an all-in-one system. This system allows you to run every aspect of your club quickly and easily from one centralised place; no more jumping between different systems and flicking through notebooks, just one unified, integrated system.

Member Jungle is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, meaning it can be used from any computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection. It also includes a mobile app that makes accessing your club on the go even easier for admins and members. 

What Is The Member Jungle System?


The Member Jungle system provides integrated tools for club sign-up, renewal management, payment collection, and member notifications. When a new member joins your association, their details are added to your database, giving you complete control over renewals and communications going forward. 

The platform automatically generates invoices for member payments, renewals, and your club's merch store. These invoices can be transferred to Xero's accounting platform for seamless financial reporting and compliance.

The Member Jungle system includes all of the following features: 

  • A Website
  • A Mobile App
  • Member Database
  • Online Member Sign-Up & Renewal
  • Event Management
  • Online Store
  • Online Tickets Sales
  • Member Engagement Tracking
  • Digital Membership Cards
  • A Member Directory 
  • News & Blog Modules
  • A Photo Gallery 


Member Jungle also offers a range of more advanced valuable features, such as a course module, a CPD module, an online poll module, and custom databases. 

You can share access with others and create different logins for people to access what they need. Members can log into their accounts, see their details, register for events, and update their information. Member Jungle club websites are optimised for mobile compatibility and search engine visibility on Google and other search engines, making it easier for people to find your club's website. 

This is just a brief overview of some of Member Jungle's features. For more about all of Member Jungle's Features, visit our Features Page

Who Is The Member Jungle Team? 

I know that this is likely the part that you don’t really care about, so if you are in that camp, you have my official blessing to just scroll on down to the next section. 

Member Jungle was founded by people who were in clubs, who ran clubs, and who could see firsthand how ineffective club management was. 

They knew that the paperwork and manual processes involved could become overwhelming and detract from the enjoyment of running a club. Membership organisations are supposed to be places for passionate people to come together and share their interests. Still, many find themselves bogged down with administrative tasks. 

So, Member Jungle set out to bring cutting-edge technology and systems to the world of member management. 

From its very start, Member Jungle has followed a few simple visions and values

  • Be Transparent 
  • Make Administrators Happy 
  • There is Always a Better Way
  • Respect the Customer
  • Step Lightly on the Planet 
  • Happy, Happy People

These are our guiding themes as a business: be environmentally friendly, don’t lie, and make people happy. If you want to hear more about us, read Green Membership Management: Help Your Club, Help The Planet.

I’ve already talked about us too much, so let’s just move on to how the system works and how it can help your club. 

Who Is The Member Jungle Team

How Does The Member Jungle System Help Your Club?

Streamlining and automating your operations with a system like Member Jungle can save yourself money, time, and stress. You can then reinvest that newfound time into your club, enabling it to grow its membership, offering new revenue paths, and, most importantly, giving you the time to actually start enjoying your club again. 

It does this by automating many of the manual, time-consuming tasks that would usually take up so much of your time. It presents you with new, streamlined ways to invest time more effectively in your club. 

As a result, clubs that sign up for Member Jungle usually see an increase in member numbers after signing up. The actual number here is 69%; on average, Member Jungle clubs increase their member numbers by 69%. This isn’t because Member Jungle is the membership equivalent of magic beans or something; this is just because it gives admins their time back, and they can use that extra time to grow and improve the club they love.

For more on this, please look at How Much Your Club Can Grow With Member Jungle.

The truth is we are just scratching the surface here on all the ways Member Jungle can help your club. For more information, please check out this video: Video: All of your Member Jungle Questions Answered.

Or have a look at How to Save Time & Money With Membership Management Software

How To Start Your Membership Management Journey

Do you know how I said earlier that honesty is one of our driving principles? Well, here is an example of it in practice. 

Member Jungle will not be the right choice for every club and association; someone reading this right now is probably better off with a different management system. 

How To Start Your Membership Management Journey

You need to research us and all of your other options to find which system is best for your club and its specific needs. 

If you take your time and do your research, you will make a good decision, whether that decision involves us or not. 

So, if you want a place to start your research, check out The Best Membership Management Software For Your Club.

If you want to know more about membership management systems and Member Jungle, read What Is Membership Management Software For Nonprofits? - All Your Questions Answered.


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