How Member Jungle Can Help Your Bushwalking And Outdoor Activity Club

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There’s honestly nothing better than getting outside with a group of friends and going on an adventure. Whether that’s a short walk through the bush, a multi-day kayak trip or a marathon hike through the mountains, getting out into the bush for even a short while is always a welcome break. However, when you run a club with a bunch of members and a whole range of different activities to organise, the simple pleasure of getting out into it can be tainted a little bit. 

The good news is that there are ways to help make organising these things easier for you and allow you to get back to enjoying your club quicker. One such thing is Member Jungle. Beyond just being a membership management system, Member Jungle is a pretty flexible system that can do a hell of a lot to help out your bushwalking club. So, let’s talk about how Member Jungle can help your bushwalking club. 

Today, we will be talking about how Member Jungle can help your bushwalking club with the following: 

  • Organising events 
  • Empowering activity leaders
  • Manage memberships 
  • Organise carpools
  • Track members' skill level
  • Track event history 

How Member Jungle Can Help Your Bushwalking Club With Your Events 

Organising your bushwalking and outdoor activity club’s events is much easier with Member Jungle. The Member Jungle system allows you to create events, advertise them, and sell tickets to them easily through your website. You can also accept online payments for those ticket sales. It can make planning and running your club events much easier and take a lot of the stress off your admins and activity leaders so they can get back to doing what they love faster. 

You can include images, locations and files in your event post, allowing you to share your starting location, planned course and any relevant documents with attending members. You can also make “skill level” a mandatory field in your event forms, so your members must enter their skill level before signing up, helping ensure that your members are adequately prepared for the event they are signing up for. An example is the Northern Rivers Bushwalking Club, which uses Member Jungle to run their club. 


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Read How To Run An Event With Member Jungle, for a more detailed breakdown of how to use the Member Jungle event module to run your club’s events

How Member Jungle Can Empower Your Club’s Activity Leaders

It's not uncommon for bushwalking clubs to run several different types of events rather than just bushwalking. These events often include bushwalking, hiking, kayaking, abseiling, etc. It's also not uncommon for bushwalking clubs to have multiple activity leaders to run each activity. 

Using the Member Jungle system, you can grant the correct levels of access to the different activity leaders so that they can create and edit events for their particular activity. This not only allows the activity leaders to create and manage their events easier, but it also allows them to enter the correct details into the event so that the right activity leaders get the right notifications. The last thing you need is for your kayaking activity leader to get all the emails that should go to the hiking activity leader. Essentially, the Member Jungle system empowers your activity leaders and ensures they don’t accidentally get in each other's way. 

How Member Jungle’s Chat Rooms Can Help Your Bushwalking Club

The Member Jungle system has chat rooms that can be used to communicate directly and effectively with your members. These chat rooms can be renamed, moderated, and locked down so only certain groups can view and post in them. You can also make these chat rooms opt-in, meaning that members will be free to join or leave the chats. 

This could be perfect for bushwalking and outdoor activity clubs that host multiple different types of events. You could have one opt-in chat room for bushwalking, one for hiking, one for cycling, etc. You can learn more about how opt-in chat rooms can help your club by reading Opt-In Chat Rooms: What They Are & Why Your Club Needs Them

Using Event Linked Chat Rooms To Organise Car Pools

Event chatrooms can also make organising carpooling to events easier, giving your members and activity leaders a private place to work out all the carpool details. This way, anyone that is registered for an event can organise and talk through all the details of the carpool in a private space that doesn’t get in the way of the members who aren’t a part of that activity. 

How Member Jungle Can Help Your Bushwalking Club By Tracking Members’ Skill Levels 

Depending on what activities your bushwalking club runs, being able to track your members’ skill levels may be a necessity. Several bushwalking clubs also host hikes, bike rides, kayaking trips and a lot more. A lot of these clubs require their members to take certain courses or prove certain skills before they are eligible to attend some of the longer or more hazardous events. At the end of the day, taking an ill-prepared member out on an event is going to make things harder for everyone involved. 


How Member Jungle Can Help Your Bushwalking Club By Tracking Members’ Skill Levels 


The Member Jungle system makes tracking which members have the right skill level or certificates easy. So, let’s talk about how Member Jungle can help you track members’ skill levels. 

Holding Events To Teach Your Members 

If you want all of your members to have a particular skill or knowledge level before going on the bigger trips, then a great way to organise this is with events. You could hold a “Hiking 101” event that all your members need to attend before they can register for other events. You could hold this event every few months to ensure new members don’t have to wait too long. 

This is where the Member Jungle system really comes into bat for you. The Member Jungle system will track when a member registers and attends an event (if you use the app to take attendance). This way, you can easily track and see which members have completed which training events. 

You can also include skill level in a membership form or profile as well as in member's event registration form to make sure that people only register for events or activities they are capable of completing.

Allow Your Members To Add Emergency Contacts To Their Profile 

With Member Jungle your members can enter their emergency contact details onto their profiles. These details will be available for club admins and activity leaders to view, allowing you to be fully prepared in case of an emergency situation. 

Using The Course Module To Help Manage Your Members’ Training 

If training your members is a large part of your club's operation, then consider the optional extra Member Jungle Course Module. The course module is an optional extra, which means that you will need to pay more for it as it is not included in any package. However, it is an extremely powerful tool that makes running online courses easy for your members. It enables them to sign up for courses online, and makes tracking members training extremely easy with multiple choice questions at the end. All attendees who pass will receive a certificate that lives against their member profile, they can also reset the test if the option is turned on by the administrator.

The course module will likely be a little overkill for most bushwalking and outdoor activities clubs. However, if you find that training your members is taking up a lot of time and effort, it may be a good idea to investigate using it. 

Using Member Jungle To Manage Your Members 

This is obvious, but using Member Jungle to help manage your members and club is one of the system's most significant advantages. It can majorly streamline running your bushwalking club and save you a lot of time and effort. If you’d like to know more about how exactly this works, please read, What Is Membership Management Software For Nonprofits? - All Your Questions Answered

Where Next For Your Bushwalking Club?

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