How Member Jungle Works


Member Jungle is a membership management software platform that functions like a club membership CRM and database plus a software system for managing association sign-ups and renewals plus a communication platform for event and important association activity reminders plus an efficient bookkeeping software tool for any membership group, club, or society.

With so many features that cater to the different aspects of running a club or association on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to get caught up in the value of one feature or another. This is a short summary of how each aspect of the Member Jungle systems works in concert to reduce the hours you spend on membership administration, so you get down to the thing your organisation is all about.


Powerful Tools for Club Management

A unified hub for both members and club organisers, Member Jungle makes administration, communication, and reporting quick and convenient all from a straightforward management dashboard that you don’t need to be a computer professional to operate.

Since organisations are on the go and you never know where you’ll be when you need to manage your club or society membership so Member Jungle is cloud-based and mobile friendly. In fact, every Member Jungle package includes a mobile app.

Membership Management System

The membership management system offers an integrated set of tools for club sign-up, renewal management, payment collection, and member notification. A new member of your association is added to your CRM database to give you complete control over renewals and communications going forward. Best of all, the accounting for your member payment and renewals is automatically transferred to Xero’s accounting platform for seamless financial reporting and compliance.

Club Website with Unlimited Pages

Each Member Jungle subscription includes a website with unlimited pages for your online store, online member sign-up, association member log-in for secure account management, news section, events announcements and sign-up, and also a photo gallery so your current and prospective membership can see what you’ve been doing lately.

Your society website is fully mobile compatible so people can see your site from any location on any device. With social media integration to your Facebook and Twitter pages, mobile compatibility means your social visibility is just a click away. Because Member Jungle club websites are fully optimised for search engine visibility on Bing and Google, people can find you easily.

Fully Integrated Communication with Your Members

Mobile app updates, text to mobile and email communications are straightforward and easy to use from the membership management dashboard. When you want to connect with your membership for association updates, meeting schedules, event announcements, volunteer drives, or renewal reminders, Member Jungle makes this process quick and painless.

Regular communication across several channels virtually guarantees higher engagement to improve your group’s standing among your current membership and expand your new members with little additional effort. No more postal mailing or huge blind copy (BCC) email blasts.

Full Support from Member Jungle

From secure, cloud-based hosting facilities that make sure your site is always up and under your complete control to out-of-the-box assistance when you get started, we are here to help you make the most of your Member Jungle membership management, website, and communication platform.

When you signup, you have access to a library of online training resources, email and online support, as well as access to our club support team during business hours by phone.

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