How Much Your Club Can Grow With Member Jungle


Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that people both prefer and mistrust round numbers? Meaning numbers that end in a zero. On average, people tend to be more drawn to round numbers but also distrust how accurate any price or statistic that ends in a round number is. 

This is why sales are always a round number. 10% off, 50% off, 80% off, it’s a more appealing number to us. However, this is also why all prices end in a 99, never a zero. We would rather get 40% off a $199 item than 41% off a $200 item. You can also see this natural attraction to things we don’t trust in my dating history. 

That is why when I saw that 25% of clubs with Member Jungle grew an average of 300%, I immediately liked and mistrusted that statistic. It turns out that the real number is 299.6%. This is an amazing statistic and justifies the rounding up to 300. 

With all that in mind, I thought today we’d dive into the hard numbers around how much clubs grow after they sign up with Member Jungle. So, I crunched the numbers and here are the honest and accurate statistics of how much clubs grow with Member Jungle. 


How Much Can My Club Grow With Member Jungle?

At Member Jungle, our main goals are to help clubs save time, save money and put the fun back into running your club, and we have been doing that for years. Over those years, we have seen nearly all the clubs we work with grow and flourish, so here are the numbers on how much the clubs we work with grow over time: 


  • On average, clubs have increased their member count by 69%  
  • 50% of clubs have increased their member count by 155%  
  • 25% of clubs have increased their member count by 299%


There have been some massive success stories, including one of our animal clubs, which joined Member Jungle in 2022 with 107 members. As of June 2023, they have 814 members. That is a growth of 661% in less than a year.    

Of course, not every club has such astronomical growth in such a short amount of time; most see slow, sustained growth, like the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners who, in their five years with Member Jungle, have seen a 40% increase in member numbers. 


How Much Can My Club Grow With Member Jungle?


How Much Can My Club Grow Within The First Year At Member Jungle? 

So we’ve covered how much growth clubs average over their time with Member Jungle. Now, let’s examine how quickly this growth occurs. Typically, clubs experience slower growth during their first year with Member Jungle compared to the following years. This is because administrators and members need time to adjust to the system and maximise its benefits. It also takes a while for the public to become aware of the club and join.

How much clubs increased their member count in the first year with Member Jungle: 


  • On average, clubs increased their member count by 7%  
  • One-third of clubs increased their member count by more than 10%  
  • The top third of clubs increased their member count by 28%
  • Several clubs increased their member count by over 50%
  • Two clubs increased their member count by 99% (Yes, it was actually 99%, I triple-checked)


Apart from the few over-achieving outliers, growths of over 7% are the sort of slow and steady growth you would expect from a club in its first 12 months using a new system. 

What Else Can Member Jungle Help Your Club With? 

It is no good growing your club to massive sizes if it is too much trouble to handle at its current size. That’s why Member Jungle’s number one focus is always on saving your club administrators time and making it easier for them to do their jobs. 

If you want to know more about how else Member Jungle can help your club read, How To Run An Event With Member Jungle

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