How To Get The Most Out Of Your Member Jungle Subscription


After several weeks and too many kilometres to count in my new kayak, I realised I could adjust the thigh braces. With the braces adjusted, it suddenly felt like a whole new boat. It was faster, more stable and much more comfortable. Realising that I hadn’t been using my kayak to its full potential for so long had been making my life unnecessarily difficult for weeks and made me want to hurl myself overboard. As it was the middle of winter and hyperthermia isn’t something I needed, I had to just settle on moping in the boat. 

However, I am not alone in having the sudden, horrifying realisation that I’m not using something to its fullest potential and making my life more difficult in the process. 

Recently, we conducted a survey to gather customer feedback about their experience with our system. People were generally thrilled with their experience with Member Jungle. During this survey, a surprising number of people all had the same question, “I’m sure we aren’t using the system to its full potential. Could I use the system better?”

So to save them and you the pain of an all-too-late revelation, let’s talk about our top tips to get the most out of your Member Jungle subscription.

The Blog Module At Member Jungle

As you might expect, most clubs use the blog module for posting blogs. However, many clubs aren’t interested in posting blog content, but that doesn’t mean the blog module is useless. There are plenty of innovative and valuable ways you can use the blog module for other things than posting blogs. 

Classifieds For Your Club

Many clubs turn their blog page into a Classifieds section on their website, which allows members to buy, sell, and trade club-related items. For example, a car club can use this feature to sell car parts, tools, and even cars. It’s important to note that this is separate from an online store where club merchandise is sold. The classifieds section can be made available to the public or restricted to members only.

There are two significant benefits to having a classifieds section on your club’s website. First, it offers access to an exclusive club marketplace, which can incentivise potential new members to join. Second, you can create a new membership level allowing members to post their sales in the blog/classifieds section. You can configure this so that members will need to sign up for a slightly more expensive package if they want to sell products through your website. 

Using the blog module as a Classifieds section can add value to your club, attract new members, and increase revenue.

A great example of this is in practice at the Queensland Corvette Club Classifieds Section.  

Other Ways To Use The Blog Module

You can also use the blog module to touch base with your members after an event finishes. Write a summary of how the event went or the outcome of something that happened during the event. You can also allow members to comment on your blog posts to help encourage better communication. 

On request, we can activate the ability to allow you to create blogs on the mobile app.

You can create news and blogs in advance and schedule them to be published in the future. This ensures that there is always fresh content being added. This will also help your club rank higher in search engine results. 


If you want to find out more ways you can better utilise your blog module, have a read of The Best Ways To Use Your Blog Module For Things That Aren’t Blogs

The Directory Module At Member Jungle 

The directory may seem like something that is only useful to associations, and while a directory can be an amazing asset for your association, it can also be incredibly useful for your club. 

Here are some ideas of how your club can get the most out of the directory. 

You could use the directory as a member directory so that your members are able to find each other. Let's say you're a member of a dog club. The club might offer a directory where members can create their own listings. This makes it easy for members to find breeders, trainers, or others with similar interests. 

The best part is that members can choose how much of their private information is shared through the directory. That way, there are no issues with members' privacy and comfort.

The directory can be a great way to promote any business associated with your club. Whether they are club sponsors or businesses owned by your club members, putting them in your directory can be a great way to add value to your members and sponsors. 

Another way to get the most out of your directory is by offering access to it as a part of a more expensive membership level. Meaning that your standard members will be able to see the directory, but only your premium members will be able to have their details in the directory.

It may also be worth creating a separate membership level for sponsors, supporters, and advertisers. This level could be linked to the directory, allowing them to create their own listings and view statistics on clicks and views for their listing.

If you want to see some unique ways clubs and associations have come up with for the directory, have a look at the below: 

If you want more information on this topic, check out The Best Ways To Use The Business Directory Module.  

Events Module At Member Jungle

Obviously, the intended use for the event module is for you to be able to organise and promote the events your club is hosting. However, even if your club doesn’t host any events, you can still utilise the event module. 

You can do this by promoting events organised by other groups that your members might enjoy. By including these events in your event module and providing a link to the hosting site, you can add value for your members and establish better connections with others in your community.

If you are using your events module to run events, then have a look at How To Run An Event With Member Jungle for some great tips. 

Website Homepage At Member Jungle

Your club’s homepage is incredibly important; it is often the first impression potential new members get of your club. It is also something that your current members are going to be seeing a lot. So, making sure it is a visually pleasing and interesting homepage is very important. 

One way to achieve this is to make use of the interactive widgets that are connected to the events, news, and blog modules. You can set these widgets to display on your homepage and link them to whichever module you want to show. These widgets are designed to update automatically whenever new content is available. This ensures that your homepage remains current and relevant. Visitors to your site will appreciate the latest information, and search engines will also prefer websites with up-to-date content.

Below is a great example of how this can be done. The Australian Miniature Horse Society has set up a news and events widget on its homepage that displays the latest information and fits in seamlessly with its website’s design. 


Website Homepage At Member Jungle

Using Banner Ads With Member Jungle

Advertising on your club’s website can be a great way to help generate revenue, support sponsors and keep your members informed. 

The banner ads module is an excellent tool for promoting supporters, including sponsors, paying advertisers, and internal events or promotions. You can also use banner ads for your club's own internal purposes; for example, you can use it to remind members about upcoming events or membership renewals. You can quickly and easily upload a pre-designed banner ad and add it to a page via a widget. As an admin, you can monitor the banner’s statistics, such as the number of views and clicks, and set an expiration date to remove it from the page if necessary. 

I’ve already used the AMHS as an example, but they also do a great job of using banner ads on their website on their events page and their homepage. 


Using Banner Ads With Member Jungle


You should also consider having an official "webmaster" or "web manager" as a role in your club. 

Email Campaigns With Member Jungle

Obviously, a great use of email campaigns is to stay in touch and update your members on upcoming events is through email campaigns. However, email campaigns can also be great for convincing prospective members to join. 

To keep visitors updated on your club’s activities, you can add an email campaign widget to your website. This widget will prompt visitors to your site to subscribe to regular newsletters and updates. By doing so, you can collect contact information from non-members who are interested in your club. Staying in touch with these subscribers increases the likelihood of them becoming new members.

The Member Jungle Mobile App

To quote our Project and Account Manager Renee, “Use the app!”.  

Our app is completely free for both admins and members. It enhances member engagement and provides easy access to important club and membership information. Administrators can conveniently send push notifications to app users to inform them of updates and new content. The app is constantly improving to serve both administrators and members better.

To promote the app, you can use the “download your mobile app” template located in the “Email Members” button in the members’ area. Alternatively, you can direct them to the app download page on your website or create an SMS campaign to send a download link directly to their mobile device.

Here is an example of the download the mobile app button on the Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club website. 


The Member Jungle Mobile App

If you are looking for ways to try and get more of your members using the app, have a read of 5 Ways To Get More Of Your Members Using The Member Jungle App.

How Else Can You Improve How You’re Using The Member Jungle System

So, those are some of the main ways you can make sure you are getting the most out of your Member Jungle Subscription. 

If you are still looking for more ways to maximise the usefulness of your subscription read, 5 Things You Should Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Automated Membership Renewals.

Or check out this article on how artificial intelligence will shape the future of membership management and how we at Member Jungle plan on using AI to continue to improve the Member Jungle experience.

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