How to Organise a Successful Event


Being at the beginning of a new year, we seem to be flying through events. From the Christmas Party, to New Years, followed by Australia Day and I'm sure, more celebrations in between... There's no time to breathe. When one event finishes, you're right back at it preparing for the next one. Don't get me wrong, they're heaps of fun but a lot of work, right?

Now, we all know that organising an event can be an overwhelming task. If you’ve done this before, you know that not everything runs to plan and you have to face various challenges, especially the last couple of years. From planning, advertising, selling tickets, to marking off attendances, there is so much work to do behind the scenes that slowly piles up. The paper work, money, stress and time taken is a lot more painful without Member Jungle.


For the most efficient way to create an event, we've included a list for you to go through. This is how easy creating and managing your event will be when you do it through the Member Jungle system. 

We'll look at:

  1. Planning the event: From idea to action plan.

  2. Organising the event: From action plan to execution.

  3. Promoting the event: Spreading the word and selling tickets.

  4. Hosting the event: Making sure things run smoothly on the day.

  5. After the event: Thank you and follow ups.

1. Start with the most important step. Planning.

You need to understand and answer Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.

If you have a committee, it would be very beneficial for you to organise a meeting to sit down and allocate work for each of you (You can create an event for this and by changing the users from public to your committee, you can organise the meeting). If you are doing this by yourself, good on you! We have it pretty straightforward to help you actually enjoy organising it. 

Who - That one is fairly obvious, it’s your club but thought I would still include it.

What - What type of event are you wanting to put on? Will it be ticketed? Will it be restricted to certain members or be available to the public? Is it a marketing event, a members meeting, a conference, a party?

Where - Where will you hold this? Is it suitable to your club? Will you need certain licences if held there?

Why - Why are you putting on this event? What is the reason for this? Why would your members want to attend? Why would they bring others to it?

How - How will this event benefit your club? How do you want to promote this? 

2. Action

Once you have successfully answered all your questions, you should have a really good understanding of what exactly you want this event to be, along with a set plan. Now, you can begin the work. Using the five W's and H, set up your event. Depending on what your event is, where it will be held and the size of your event, this could include the booking of the venue, the booking of the musicians, organising the sound equipment, organising insurance, scouting the food, and figuring out who is looking after what. This section is all up to you, but once it's all finalised, that's where it gets less complex. 

3. Promoting the Event

This is the fun part. You can find all the information about how to actually use the Events module by clicking this link. If you are selling tickets, Member Jungle allows you to choose the number of tickets that are available. These will automatically decrement as they sell and will stop selling once they are all gone. After you have created the event in Member Jungle, and you're happy with it, you then need attendees. You can keep track of all the registrations and ticket sales in the backend of your website.

To promote the event, you can send push notifications to your members. When this is done, they will receive a notification on their smartphone showing them that a new event has been added. To find out more about sending push notifications, click here and scroll to the very bottom of the page. 

There, they can register, click to purchase tickets (purchasing tickets will take them to the website), fill in their information including any people they're bringing and keep track of any updates. If the event has been set to share registration details, members will be able to see a list of names of registered attendees.  

4. Hosting the Event

One of the biggest issues with events our clients had previously was keeping track of who was attending, how many people they were bringing, how many tickets were sold, money handling and people not all being on the same page. That doesn't need to happen anymore. With the ticket purchases being all electronic, wave goodbye to money handling issues. Administrators have the ability to mark off attendances before, during and after the event on their mobile app or by simply scanning member cards. They can share this role with other users too which helps share the workload. 

5. After the Event

In the backend of your Member Jungle website, administrators can view the registration report and registration summary for the event. You can view the information for each member including their name, email address, registration date, number of attendees and their registration details. You can also export all the information to a CSV file. 


That's how simple it is to create and manage an event using Member Jungle. We'd love to hear from you so get in contact today and let Member Jungle handle everything. 


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