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You already know how important running great events is to your club's success. You also know that running events is a lot of effort and can be a major headache. This has led many people who run clubs to search for a better way to run their events. The good news is that there is a better way, and that better way is using membership management systems like Member Jungle. 

To help you better organise your club events, Member Jungle offers its event management module as standard with all its packages. The events module automates and streamlines a lot of the tedious, time consuming and complicated aspects of running club events. To help you better understand how to organise an event through Member Jungle we have compiled this guide to help you.

In this guide we will cover how to use Member Jungle’s systems to:

  • Set up your event
  • Organise tickets
  • Promote your event 
  • Run your event 
  • Gather feedback and improve future events

This guide will cover everything you need to know about running an event with Member Jungle. You can read through the guide if you want, or if you are anything like me and can only learn by doing it for yourself, you can sign up for a free demo site and follow along with me through each step. 

Setting Up Your Club Event Using Member Jungle

The first step in setting up an event using Member Jungle is to log in to the site as an admin. Once this is done, select the "Module" option from the dropdown menu at the top of the page and click "Events".


Setting Up Your Club Event Using Member Jungle


This will take you to your events page. If this is your first event, this page will be blank; from then on, this page will display all your upcoming events. You need to click on the “+ Add Event” button to start building your event.


Setting Up Your Club Event Using Member Jungle


Now you will have a blank event form in front of you, where you can fill in all the important information about your club’s newest event. 


Setting Up Your Club Event Using Member Jungle


On this first page, you can fill in the name of your event, the date and time of your event and enter a description. Remember, this is all information your members will be able to see, so make sure it is clear and attention-catching. On this page, you will also have the option to set what time zone your event is taking place in if that is applicable. Once all this is filled in, you need to click the next tab marked “Location”.


Setting Up Your Club Event Using Member Jungle 


Now that you are on the location page of the event building module, you can go ahead and set the address where your event will take place. You can choose from any country in the top drop-down menu, then fill in the specific location details in the below forms. You can also attach a video/meeting link here if your event is via Zoom or a similar video conferencing platform.  If you include a meeting link here, guests will not be able to see the link until they have registered or paid to attend.

Now that you have filled in your event’s general and location information, you can move on to the next steps. If you want to attach images or documents to your event, you can do so in the “Images/Documents” tab. You can also set who the primary contact is for the event in the “Contact” tab. This way, your members will know who they can contact if they have any questions about your event.


Setting Up Your Club Event Using Member Jungle


If you click on the “Security” tab, you can choose if your event will be open to the public or be for members only. You also have the option to restrict the event to particular membership levels. For example, a bowling club may have social members and bowling members. In this case, they would be able to restrict the event, so only bowling members could attend.


Setting Up Your Club Event Using Member Jungle



Finally, you can click on the “Registration” tab. Here you can choose if people will be able to register online and if you are accepting payments online. You will also be able to set how many people can register for your event and what message they receive when they register.


Setting Up Your Club Event Using Member Jungle



Once your whole event is finished, you can also share your event to your Member Jungle club app. You can show how many people are coming to the event, and who is and isn’t coming. This allows your members to get a better idea of what this event will look like. We have received a lot of feedback from clubs that this feature is really helping get more people to their events. 

Those are the main parts of building your event through the Member Jungle site. However, there are a lot of optional extras that you can use to further customise your event that we will not get into here for the sake of time. If you’re curious about the other features, including cpd points (continual professional development), issuing event certificates and forms have a look at the help page for Event Certificates

Setting Up Tickets For Your Club Events

Now that all that is done, we talk about setting up tickets for your brand new event. Firstly, click on the “Ticketing” tab along the top and this page will come up. 

Setting Up Tickets For Your Club Events


On this page you will be able to set how many tickets you want to sell, how many different kinds of tickets there are and what price those tickets are. You will also be able to enter any event merchandise that is available for purchase with the tickets and what your refund policy is. If you click “Add Ticket” you can start adding tickets. 


Setting Up Tickets For Your Club Events


You can enter the ticket name, description, price and number of available tickets here. You can also decide if discounts will be offered to any particular types of members. You should also add a few things in the “Ticket Fields” option. This allows you to choose the type of information you want to collect from your members when they purchase tickets. These can include attendees name, group members, email, age, skill level, dietary requirements or pretty much anything else you want to collect. 

Once you have completed all the necessary details, click “Add,” and your new ticket will be added to your event. You can repeat this process if you want to offer multiple types of tickets. You can even have one type of ticket for members and another for the general public if your event is going to be open to the public. Tip: If you wish to collect the name and email for every attendee, make sure you add an “Account” Type field to your form.

You can also choose if you want to add any extra merchandise available to purchase with tickets. Again you can choose the price, the amount of stock and if anyone qualifies for discounts. Click “Add,” and the merchandise will be added to your event.


Setting Up Tickets For Your Club Events


Now all you need to do is select your refund policy and your event tickets are ready to go. You are ready to save and exit your new event, which is ready to be published for all your members to see. Don’t worry; you can still edit your event if you have forgotten to add anything. Even though your event is published, we aren’t done marketing your events yet.

How To Promote Your Club Events Using Member Jungle 

You’ve set all the details for your event, including the tickets. Now it’s time to start promoting your event so you get the best possible turnout for your event. 

Promoting Your Club Events With Automated Emails

The event module includes automated scheduled emails you can use to promote your event. These emails can be sent out to certain groups at certain times, and the choice of who and when is in your hands. 

You can choose from current members, members in certain membership levels, people who have registered for the event and people who haven’t registered. So, you can schedule an email to go out to all members when the event is a month away to advertise your event. You can also schedule an email to all people who haven’t registered yet to go out two weeks beforehand and an email to only registered members two days before the event. 

All these emails can be written and scheduled when you first create the event so you won’t have to worry about remembering to send them the right number of days before your event. Leaving you with more time to organise the event. 

Engaging Event Attendees with Event Based Chat

Another great way to engage your members and build up the anticipation of your event is to create an Event Based Chatroom for your members. You can do this under the Registration Tab. 

Setting Up Tickets For Your Club Events

Advertising Your Clubs Events The Member Jungle App

Once you’ve set up the event it will automatically be added to the Member Jungle app. You will be able to send a push notification to every members’ phone who is using the app, alerting them to the new event. Members will also be able to register for your event directly from the app on their phones. 

Marketing Your Club Event With Email Campaigns 

Member Jungle offers an Email Marketing Module for its Standard and Premium packages. This allows you to send a certain amount of marketing emails per month for free. This limit is determined by what package you have signed up for. If you want to send more emails than your included monthly limit, you can purchase more emails for $100 for an extra 10,000 emails. 

You can use these marketing emails to advertise your newly created event. You can send emails to all your members alerting them to the new event and telling them where to buy tickets. If your event is open to the public, you can also send these emails to any members of the public who have attended your events in the past. This is a great way to start raising awareness of your upcoming event amongst the public and your members. 

SMS marketing campaigns are also offered as part of the Premium package or as an optional extra for the Standard package. These can also be great marketing tools if used correctly. Remember, some people will feel more intruded upon receiving marketing text messages as opposed to marketing emails. So use these wisely.

Using News Posts To Market Club Events

At Member Jungle, you can use our News module to promote your event to your members. This module allows you to create a post with images and videos and then publish it on your website for all your members to view. Just head to the News module, from there you will be able to create a brand new post to advertise your event. Start by clicking “Add A News Item” on the left hand menu. You will then see this page. 


Setting Up Tickets For Your Club Events 

On this page you will be able to give your News post a headline, add any information you want and images. You can also choose when this post will be published and when it will deactivate, so your news module isn’t full of old irrelevant information. Once you are done writing your post about your new event you are able to publish it so your members can view it. It will look something like this, but with all the information filled in. 


Setting Up Tickets For Your Club Events

Using your blog and news modules regularly and letting your members know when new posts go live can be an amazing way to market your club events to your members. As they will already be in the habit of checking the blogs and news regularly so they will definitely see any new information you post. 

Hosting Your Club Events With Member Jungle

The Member Jungle system makes organising event days much more manageable. Suppose you sold tickets or registered attendance through the system. In that case, anyone who signed up for the event will have received an email similar to the one below.


Setting Up Tickets For Your Club Events

This serves as both their confirmation email and their ticket. Meaning that on the day of the event, you as the admin can login into the app, see a full list of registered attendees. You can then use the app to scan attendees member cards or their confirmation email confirmation to take attendance. 

Alternatively you can search on the app for their name and mark them off as being in attendance. This information is logged with the Member Jungle system for you to refer to later. This can and will save you a lot of time when signing in all those attending your events.

Gather Feedback and Improve Future Events With Member Jungle

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean we are done with the organising. Straight after an event takes place is the perfect time for you to start gathering feedback from those who attended the event. 

To help with this, Member Jungle has a Poll module available for you to use. You can set up and run polls and or create a feedback form on your website and email a link to your members. This is a great way to gather incredibly useful feedback on your event and show your members that you genuinely care about their opinions. You can then combine the information you gathered from the polls and forms with the attendance information. This will allow you to build a detailed picture of who attended your event and what they did and didn’t like about it. 

Using this information to alter and improve your future events is key to continually improving those events and leaving your members feeling extremely satisfied. 

What Else Can You Do To Improve Your Club? 

That is the end of this guide helping you to set up and run your events with Member Jungle more efficiently. I sincerely hope you found it useful and now have a much better understanding of running events with Member Jungle. 

If you have any questions that were not answered here please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. Otherwise why not sign up for a free trial and have a look at everything we’ve spoken about for yourself, Access Your Free Member Jungle Trial


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