How To Sell Your Club's Merchandise Without An EFTPOS Or POS System


It's no secret that club budgets can get pretty tight at times, and being able to sell club merchandise and products can make a world of difference to those razor-thin margins. Unfortunately, selling those products is easier said than done and brings a whole host of new questions that need answering. 

Do you only accept cash payments? What happens if someone wants to pay by card? Should I invest in a POS system? Plus, the ever-annoying issue of having to do a mini-stock take after every event to work out how much merch you actually have left.  

What if I told you, you could take digital payments at in-person events, have that payment register in your system, send a digital copy to the purchaser, and adjust your stock levels automatically? All you need to do is have a mobile phone with the newest version of the Member Jungle app on it. 

Well, that's what we're talking about today: the new update to the Member Jungle App that allows you to sell effortlessly in person with just your phone. 

The Online Store Is Now In The Member Jungle Mobile App

The Online Store Is Now In The Member Jungle Mobile App


The Member Jungle Product Catalogue has long been a staple of the main system, but as of January 2024, it has been officially added to the Member Jungle mobile app. Not only has the product catalogue been added to the app, but also have several other features that will make selling your products even more accessible than ever. Basically, your members can now buy your product via the app on their phones, and you can sell products in person via the app. 

All in all, several new features and functions have been added to the mobile app, including: 

  • The product catalogue
  • Sell to members in person via the app
  • Sell to guests in person via the app
  • Take debit and credit card payments in person via the app 
  • No need for a POS or EFTPOS system
  • Create custom products via the app
  • Create member-only prices or products
  • Members can Shop any time from anywhere
  • Promote featured products 
  • Easily manage inventory and stock levels 


These new features will make it easier and quicker to sell products at events. Let's take a closer look at them and see how they can benefit your club.

Allow Members To Buy Wherever They Are

One of the obvious benefits of the product catalogue now being on the mobile app is that your members can purchase from your club from their phones no matter where they are. They can jump on the mobile app and go for a shop as long as they have reception and battery. 

The system will allow you to accept multiple payment methods in person and online. It automatically updates your inventory as sales are made, informing you about stock levels. Additionally, it generates digital receipts for you and the buyer, making it easy to keep track of purchases.

You also have the option to promote particular products by displaying them on the main page of the app instead of just in the product store on the app. This can allow you to really push sales for particular products. 

Sell To Members And Guests In Person Without An EFTPOS Or POS

While using the Member Jungle app, you will be able to process in-person payments just using your phone as your point of sale system. You can process cash and debit/credit card payments via the app just as easily. At this stage, you just can’t tap members phones (if this is of interest, though make sure you let us know).

You also won't be limited to just selling to existing members. If your club events are open to the public, you will be able to sell your products to members of the public just as easily as you'll be able to sell to normal members. 

Create New Products To Sell On The Fly

The newest update to the Member Jungle app allows you to create custom products on the fly from the app. If someone wants to buy a sausage sandwich at your event and it’s not normally an item in your online store, quickly set up a custom product and sell them that snag via card. 

If you need to add a discount to a member's purchase for any reason, you can also do that on the fly via the Member Jungle app. You can easily create custom and one-off discounts from your phone with just a few clicks of a button. 

How To Sell Products Easily For Your Club 

If you want to know more about how the product catalogue works or if you're an existing Member Jungle customer and want to know exactly how you can start using it, You should check out Your Club's Product Store, which Is Now On The Mobile App.

If this is the first time you've heard about Member Jungle and are interested in learning more about who we are and what we do, look at What Is Membership Management Software For Nonprofits? - All Your Questions Answered.

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