How You Can Use Sponsors To Fund Your Club’s Membership Management Software


It doesn’t matter if you have been a customer of Member Jungle for years or are only just starting to consider signing up. Working out how Member Jungle fits into your club’s budget can be stressful. 

There is a cost of living crisis, and many of us are being forced to tighten our belts a little. To help with this, today we will be talking about how you can use club sponsors to offset the price of Member Jungle.  

You can use the Member Jungle system to promote sponsors better than ever before and, in the process, offset the cost of the system. By partnering with sponsors, you not only generate revenue but also increase your organisation's visibility and reach. In this article, we'll explore how you can use the Member Jungle system to attract and promote sponsors, helping you offset the system's costs while building meaningful relationships with sponsors. The best part is you can pitch all this to your sponsors before signing up with Member Jungle, so you know that when you sign up, you will have the funds and the capabilities to keep everyone happy. 

How To Use Member Jungle To Promote Your Club’s Sponsors:

  • The Business Directory
  • Slideshow Module
  • Sponsor Banners
  • Newsletters
  • Members Discounts
  • Blog Module

Using The Business Directory To Promote Your Club Sponsors

One of the best and most obvious ways to promote your club’s sponsors is through the business directory module. The business directory module allows you to display all your sponsors' contact details and websites. This is a great way to promote your sponsors to your members and visitors to your website and give your sponsors proper value for money. Used this way, the business directory allows members to see a complete list of all your club sponsors, locations, and websites. It also allows them to search via subcategory and location.  

Using The Slideshow Module To Promote Your Sponsors

Member Jungle has a slideshow module that allows you to set up a slideshow of different images on your website. Now, this was designed to enable you to show off some fantastic images of your club. Still, it can be used to effectively promote your sponsors, too. You can see this example below on MacKillop Farm Management Group’s website.  



As you can see, MacKillop Group has a rotating slideshow of all their sponsors set up on their website. This can be a great way to promote your sponsors and ensure all your members know them. 

I’m sure you can also see they have three sponsorship packages on display, so let’s talk about that now. 

Setting Up Club Sponsors as Member Levels 

In case you don’t know, member levels allow different membership products to be available at different prices. These different levels will enable you to collect different amounts of information, have different signup forms and give different levels of access to each level. 

Membership levels are traditionally used for variations in club members, like regular and premium membership, where the premium members get access to better perks. However, these membership levels can be set up to be sponsors. 

Essentially, it allows sponsors to choose how much they want to pay, sign up, and enter all the required details without needing to contact you directly. Meaning you may wake up one morning to find that you have a new sponsor who's signed up, paid you and set up their own business directory listing while you were sleeping. Of course, if you want to, you can set it, so sponsors need club admin approval to do any of these steps. 



If you were to click on one of the sponsorship packages in the last image, you would be brought to this page detailing the sponsorship perks. 

As you can see, this is a list of all the perks available, their sponsor packages, and how much everything costs. This is a great way to give your potential sponsors all the information they need to consider sponsoring your club. Also linked on this page is a sponsorship prospectus, a multi-page downloadable document that gives potential sponsors a detailed breakdown of the club, benefits of sponsorship, and contact information if people need more information. 

MacKillop Group has set up their sponsorship as a membership level, so when someone signs up to become a new sponsor, they will be directed to submit their payment and enter all the details the club needs for a new sponsor. 

Setting Up Sponsorship As a Product To Be Purchased 

Suppose you don’t want your sponsors to be separate membership levels. In that case, you can also set up sponsorship packages that can be purchased through your website, like any other piece of merchandise. 

This is great if the Member Jungle package you are looking to invest in doesn’t have many member levels available. You don’t want to use up one of your levels on sponsorships. When someone purchases a sponsorship package, they will be redirected to the store rather than the member signup area. Below is an example of what this looks like on the Australian Miniature Horse Society website. 



You can still collect all the information you need from your new sponsor. The only real difference is that unlike doing sponsorship through a member level, you will have to manually set up your new sponsors' listing in the business directory, as they will not have access to do so. 

The number of member levels available to you varies based on which package you sign up for. At the low end, there are three membership levels; at the high, there are 25. 

Supporting Club Sponsors With Website Banners 

This is a short and straightforward one, but let’s get to it. With Member Jungle, You can have banners up on your website. These banners can be of whatever you like: upcoming events, photos, notifications or, of course, sponsors. Giving your sponsors pride of place with a full-width banner on your club’s website is a great way to add value for your sponsors. Below is an excellent example of this from the Australian Miniature Horse Society


Advertise Your Club Sponsors In Your Club’s Newsletter

Another thing you can offer sponsors to help add value and increase the likelihood of them agreeing to sponsor your club is putting them in your club’s newsletter. This can take any form you’d like, from a quick shout-out to your sponsors to a whole section listing the sponsors. This can also be a great way to let your members know if one of your sponsors is offering limited-time discounts or sales for your members. 

Speaking of sponsors offering members discounts, let’s talk about that. 

Member Discounts From Club Sponsors

Getting your sponsors to offer exclusive discounts to your members is an excellent way to help both your sponsors and your members. Your members get an excellent deal at a local store or business, and your sponsors get a new influx of customers and brand recognition for their trouble. Plus more money, of course. 

Using Digital Membership Cards To Redeem Sponsor Discounts 

One easy and practical way to organise member discounts at sponsors’ stores is to require your members to show their digital membership cards in-store. All Member Jungle packages include digital membership cards with many uses but are great for organising discounts with club sponsors. 

No matter how you organise member discounts at sponsors’ stores, they can be a great added bonus to your sponsors and your members. 

Using The Blog Module To Promote Your Sponsors

The blog module at Member Jungle can be used for a lot more than just blogs. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be named blogs. You could rename your blog module “Club Sponsors,” or “Member Offers,” or anything else you want. You can then dedicate it to being where you list and promote your sponsors or their offers. Offering potential sponsors prime placement on your “Sponsors Page” can be a great way to get them over the line. 

Upsell Your Club’s Sponsors

Many of the things we’ve already mentioned in this article can be used to upsell sponsors to more expensive packages. Both clubs I used as examples have multiple sponsor packages with different benefits. I’d strongly encourage you to do the same. 



Have a cheap package that only offers a basic listing in your business directory. Also, have more expensive packages that offer increasingly great perks for the sponsor. You could have one package that shows the sponsor on the website and a more expensive one that shows them on the website and app. I’d recommend checking out some other clubs that use Member Jungle and seeing how they divide up perks between their sponsor levels. 

Have a look at both the Australian Miniature Horse Society and MacKillop Farm Management Group to start with. 

Other Ways To Help Secure Club Sponsorship

Now that you know how to use club sponsors to offset the price of Member Jungle and all the great ways you can promote them, you may be looking for better ways to recruit club sponsors. 

If that’s the case, read 5 Steps To Gain & Keep Club Sponsors with Member Jungle


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