How Your Association Can Make Money By Using The Position Vacant Module


The Position Vacant Module is one of the Member Jungle system’s least-used parts. This is for a few key reasons. However, none of these reasons are that the Position Vacant Module isn’t helpful. In the right hands, it can be a very useful feature of your system. It can even start bringing extra money into your association or club. 

So, today, we will discuss what the Position Vacant Module can be used for, how it can earn money for your club and how to start setting it up. 

Using The Position Vacant Module To Advertise Roles Within Your Organisation

The Position Vacant Module is a platform to advertise job openings and roles within your association or club. Whether you are looking for members to apply for a vacant volunteer position or hiring for a paid role within your professional association, this module is designed to reach out to the most suitable candidates directly. Its purpose is to enable you to advertise and fill job vacancies quickly.

Chances are that the best people for your vacant role are already in your club or regularly visit your website. By advertising directly on your club or association’s website, you get the word out directly to the best people for the job. 

How You Can Make Money From Your Position Vacant Module 

While the Position Vacant Module was initially designed to advertise internal position vacancies, with some light tweaking, many associations have started using it to generate revenue. 

This is done by setting up your Position Vacant Module as a place where external companies can pay to advertise jobs within their companies. For example, the Australian Hand Therapist Association (AHTA) allows doctors' offices and clinics to pay to advertise vacant positions on their website. 

If you stop to think about it, it makes a lot of sense for everyone involved. The AHTA get extra money coming into their association and can offer more value to their members. The businesses don’t need to worry about paying to advertise on regular job finder sites; they can go straight to the source. The members have another reason to join and renew their memberships with AHTA, as it gives them another avenue to find employment if they are looking. 

You can see this in practice by visiting the AHTA’s Job Vacancies page.

The Association Of Biosafety For Australia And New Zealand also use the Member Jungle Position Vacant Module in this way. You can check out their page, where businesses can post job offerings if you are interested. 

It's important to note that while the Position Vacant Module is commonly used by associations to sell to businesses, it could also work for clubs. Depending on what your club is based around, you may find that you have enough professionals in specific fields to justify implementing the module. 

My recommendation would be to sit down and investigate what typical jobs are for members of your club to hold and work if implementing the Position Vacant Module would be a good move for your club. 

How To Get The Position Vacant Module For Your Club Or Association

The Position Vacant Module is only included for free in Member Jungle’s Premium package. However, it is an optional extra that can be added to all other packages for only $19+GST a month. 

If you are interested in purchasing the Position Vacant Module for your club, you can Open a Support Ticket to start the process. 

How To Set Up The Position Vacant Module For Your Club Or Association 

Once you have the Position Vacant Module for your association or club, you can start setting it up. All you have to do is click on “Positions Vacant” under your website's “Module” tab. 

From there, you can:

  • Add new vacancies
  • Add new vacancy categories 
  • Add new vacancy locations
  • Check current vacancies

Setting Up Vacancy Categories 

Setting up vacancy categories is a great way to allow businesses to refine precisely what kind of role or position they are offering and allow members to search for applicable roles quickly. 




Setting Up Vacancy Locations 

Setting up vacancy locations, for example, states or cities, allows members to search for roles in relevant locations and prevents businesses and members from wasting their time with jobs on the opposite side of the country.   

Setting Up New Vacancies

When setting up a new job/position vacancy, you can add a wide range of information relevant to the role on the page below. If you decide to allow businesses to create their own job listings, they will also have access to this page.



This page allows you to enter all the following information and more: 

  • Title  
  • Salary 
  • Location   
  • Application Opening Date
  • Application Closing Date
  • Vacancy Category
  • Employer’s Contact Details
  • Add Relevant Files
  • Vacancy Description


Setting Up Your Position Vacant Module To Earn Money For Your Association Or Club

Once you have activated your Position Vacant Module, set up your categories and locations and are ready to start selling the ability to post job ads on your website, you will have a few quick things to do before it can all get underway. 

First, you will need to decide how much it will cost businesses to advertise job vacancies on your website. When deciding on the price, you should consider how large your reach is, how many members you have, and how you can promote job listings on your website. You should also consider where else you will promote job vacancies; adding them to your club newsletters is a really good idea. Some associations make it so that only members can post job listings, others so that anyone can post but members get a discount on their listing.

Once you have decided on how much you’re going to charge, you need to go to your Online Store Module and set up a new product. This product will be how businesses pay for the right to advertise on your website. So, make sure you name it something accordingly, maybe “Job Listing” or “Job Advertisement”. 

You will then need to set up a custom Powerdata form to go along with your new product. This form will collect all the information you need about the business creating the job vacancy and the job vacancy itself. This form is usually placed on the job listings page when a business comes along looking to advertise, they will be able to click on this form and fill in all the required information about both them and the listing itself. 

For the next step, you will need to contact the Member Jungle team and let them know your plans. They will then create a custom link between the “Submit” button on your Powerdata form and your new product. This way, when a business clicks “Submit” on the form they will be automatically transferred over to your new product in the store, where they will be promoted to buy it. 

Once they click submit on the form and purchase the job advertisement product from your store, you, as an administrator, will be emailed all the relevant details about the new job listing. You will then need to go into the Position Vacant Module and create the new job listing with the information you have been emailed from the filled-in Powerdata form. Once you have copied and pasted all the information across, just need to click “Save and Close”, and their listing will go live. 

Then, all you need to do is start advertising your new feature to your members and any business in your sphere to get the ball rolling.   

A Summary Of How You Can Make Money From Your Position Vacant Module 

This article has covered a lot of information about the Position Vacant Module and how to set it up to make money for your club or association. So, below are the seven steps you need to take to get it set up and functioning. 

Steps to set up your Position Vacant Module to earn money: 

  1. If it isn’t already a part of your system, contact the Member Jungle team to get the Position Vacant Module added to your subscription.
  2. Set up your vacancy location and category fields. 
  3. Work out how much you are going to charge for businesses to advertise on your site.
  4. Set up job vacancy advertising as a custom product in your online store.
  5. Set up a custom Powerdata from.
  6. Contact Member Jungle to have them redirect the Powerdata form to the custom product in your store.
  7. Advertise that you have this feature - ensure members and businesses know about it.
  8. Consider adding job vacancies to your newsletter.


How Else Can You Get The Most Out of Your Member Jungle System 

If you are interested in setting up the Position Vacant Module for your club or association, please contact a member of the Member Jungle team if you don’t already have access to it. Otherwise, just follow the steps above to start using the Position Vacant Module to earn money for your club or association. 

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