Introducing Member Jungle's NEW App Features

By Sami

At Member Jungle, we are constantly striving to be the best by keeping our online club membership systems easy and enjoyable to use by all. We are very excited to be releasing new app features, as part of the membership software packages.

All you need to do to ensure you get the latest features is go to Google Play or the Apple Store and make sure you update to the latest version. 

Below is a summary of what you can now expect when using your app.

If at any stage you need more help, be sure to visit 




If you're like me and love how everything is now accessible with the touch of your fingers, then you'll love this!

When you log in to your app as an administrator or membership coordinator, you will be shown this screen. Here, you will be able to stay up to date with Club info, Events, News, Your Card info, Your Account, a NEW members tab (explained later), Contact, Settings and you will be able to visit the club website. 







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We have included a 'Members' tab which will only be seen by admins, protecting club members privacy. In this section, admins can view all their existing members and they can search for individual members, making it easier to locate particular member information. 









This new feature is a substantial one as it makes it easier for admins to contact members and to view their organisations members' information. 

Admin can click on an individual member which will then show member information, including membership dates. Admin can also contact members via the app by clicking on their email address.














At Member Jungle, we understand how all members need to be able to easily connect with the club administration so we set up the new 'Contact' icon which allows members to contact the Membership Coordinator directly via the app. 














Members can upload files and can type messages to the Membership Co-ordinator. The relevant contact is then notified via email and the message is sent to the 'Members Notes' field in Membership Administration. 















We are thrilled to say that our new features can assist in making all that stressful event organising, paperwork, late nights and frustration a thing of the past! 

Administrators can now see a button on all events that show registrations and ticketing, allowing you to view how many people have registered and paid. 











Have you organised an event where you try your hardest to gather as many correct RSVPs as you can before the date?

You gather supplies to look after the amount you're expecting to attend then the day comes and you don't have enough supplies or you have WAY too much? Well, that won't need to happen anymore. 

Admin can view a list of all members and non-members that have registered to attend the event, making it easier to keep track of numbers. 

But that's not all...






Admin can also access this on any device, at any time, anywhere- meaning no more paper piles, no more printed lists, no more marking off people as they arrive and most importantly, no more lost files or money. 

Clicking on individual members, admin can see member information, along with how many people that member has registered. 









event after


Admin can easily mark off who attended the event... 
















And then they can update the number of attendees on the event registration. So if the member had registered three people but only two turned up, you can keep track on all of that. 



















The Attendee Report will then be available to be accessed and reported on via the website Events Module Administration area. This can be easily shared with different Event Coordinators, allowing them to access this information via their phone. 

Don't forget that to access these new features, you need to go to Google Play or the Apple Store and make sure you update to the latest version.

We are excited to have released these new app features as part of our online membership management software and hope that you all enjoy using it, making it that little bit more simple to organise and manage your members or your group. Keeping track of all that is happening with your fingertip and making membership easy!



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