Is Using The Member Jungle System For My Club Hard?


In 1982, Time Magazine named the personal computer as its Person of the Year. Ironically, the related article about the benefits of personal computers was written on a typewriter.



The point is that we've always had a complicated history with computers and technology. No matter how exciting and useful it is and how much time it can save us, we are always a little concerned about how hard it will be to learn or how complicated the system in question is. 

Many people we've dealt with over the years have this same concern. They can see how helpful the Member Jungle system would be for their club or association and how much time and money it will save them, but they are concerned about whether they will be able to use the system. 

Therefore, today, we will talk about how much computer experience you need to use Member Jungle and how complicated the system is. 

How Complicated Is The Member Jungle System? 

The honest answer is not very complicated at all. The Member Jungle system is a membership management system built from the ground up for clubs by tech experts who are all in clubs. It has been designed to be used by the average club administrator, not the average computer expert. 

The system has been designed to be as clean and easily understood as possible. It has six tabs across the top of the page that allow you to quickly and easily manoeuvre to the part of the website you need to use. 

The six tabs in question are as follows:

  1. www - This tab will take you to the front end of your website, the page that all your members can see. 
  2. Dashboard - This tab displays several AI-powered widgets that allow you to easily check what your members are doing and viewing on your club's website.
  3. Pages - This tab allows you to control and edit what pages are displayed on the front end of your website. 
  4. Membership - This tab allows you to monitor and manage your club's members and member levels. 
  5. Modules - This Tab is where you can organise, create and post all of your club's events, blogs, online store and a lot more. 
  6. Security - This tab allows you to grant and restrict access to different parts of your system and to monitor who has access to what. 


You can see an image of the system below. 

Member Jungle System

The system is designed to be clean, easy to use and customisable to fit your needs best. 

What If I'm Not Very Good With Computers To Begin With? 

It's perfectly natural to worry about whether or not you are techy enough to use the Member Jungle system. We've already covered that it is a simple system to use, but that doesn't mean we will just throw you the keys and kick you out to fend for yourself. 

Member Jungle offers extensive free and paid training with you and your admin team before we hand you your fully functioning system and any time during your time using it. This means that you won't need to train your entire admin team or committee to use the system; you can leave that to the Member Jungle team. 

This training ranges from free fortnightly webinars to paid one-on-one training to training for your entire administration team. Plus, a free library of training videos to help you with pretty much any question you have. 

To see all the training options that are available to you, please see Book Online Training Here

As mentioned, this training isn't just available when you first sign up for Member Jungle. The complete list of free and paid training options is always available to you, no matter how long you have been a customer.

How Else Can I Get Support If I'm Having Trouble Using The System? 

The training we've already covered is one of many ways you can get support while using the Member Jungle system. Besides all the training and training videos we've already discussed, there are two other ways to get support if you are having trouble using the system. 

Help Articles For Your Club

The first is via the Member Jungle Help Portal, which is a massive library of support and how-to articles that cover how to use every part of the system. The support library is sorted into categories to make finding what you're after easier, plus you can always just search for what you want in the search bar. You will then see a detailed how-to article walking you through exactly how to do whatever you need. 

Take, for example, the below article on how to add a new website page. 




Every help article is like this: simple, clear instructions and screenshots of what is being discussed. 

Open A Support Ticket 

The other way of getting support from the Member Jungle team is to open a support ticket  Open a Support Ticket. This is where you can fill in a form with all the details of your problem and have a member of the Member Jungle team contact you via email to help or, depending on the problem, solve it for you. 

Am I Tech Savy Enough To Use Member Jungle?

Yes. The Member Jungle system is designed to be extremely easy to use, so if you are currently reading this, there is an excellent chance that you will have no trouble using the system. 

If you are worried that you might be too old to learn how to use the Member Jungle system, first of all, that’s just not true; second of all, read this: Why You’re Not Too Old For Member Jungle.

If you want to know more about how to get support from the Member Jungle team, please read The 3 Ways You Can Get Customer Support From Member Jungle.

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