Join It vs Member Jungle: An Honest Comparison


Are you feeling exhausted from the tedious task of manually handling your club's membership? Do you wish there was a way to simplify the process and make it more efficient? Look no further than Join It and Member Jungle, two great membership management systems. Both platforms provide comprehensive membership management features that can save time and improve your club. However, choosing which is best for your organisation can be a challenge. To help you decide, we have written a detailed honest comparison between Join It and Member Jungle.

Promise to be unbiased and honest 

It is essential to say that we, Member Jungle, are writing this comparison and therefore have an obvious bias. However, we promise this article will contain only facts, and we will endeavour to be as unbiased and honest as possible. At the end of the day, we want what is best for you and your club. It doesn’t help us at all if we encourage clubs that are the wrong fit for Member Jungle to sign up with us. Those people would just end up leaving unsatisfied, and we’d have missed out on helping clubs that are the right fit. 

Join It and Member Jungle Overview

Join It, and Member Jungle offer membership management solutions catering to different needs and requirements. Join It is an excellent option for beginners looking for an affordable system. On the other hand, Member Jungle is a more comprehensive and feature-rich option that comes with a higher price tag. Both are systems designed for small to medium-sized clubs and associations. Their systems and pricing are tailored to cater to clubs with a membership base ranging from 50 to 15,000 members. Massive associations with 50,000 plus members are better suited to a service like Bond Software

Join It: Integration with Multiple Services

Join It offers a lot of great membership management features like a member portal, different member levels, digital membership cards, online payments, automated member renewals and a lot more. 

One of the standout features of Join It is its ability to integrate with multiple other services. it can work seamlessly with other tools and services to provide a comprehensive membership management solution. The ability to integrate your membership management system is excellent. The systems that Join It can integrate with are often built to do one particular task, and they are outstanding at it. Join It can integrate with Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, Slack, WordPress, Shopify and a lot more besides. These are all specialist systems that are very good at what they do. However, as we’ve discussed, these can all come with their own price tag and unique system interfaces, which can pose problems. If you want to see what other services Join It integrates with, have a look at Joint It Integrations Page

Member Jungle: All-in-One Membership Management

On the other hand, Member Jungle is an all-in-one membership management system. This means that the Member Jungle system takes care of all your membership management needs in one place. This is a major plus side, you don’t need to tediously copy member data between different systems, your entire system looks and operates the same, and you only have one bill to pay. It is a simpler, easier to use and more cohesive system. However, the system will not be able to integrate with advanced specialist systems, and the price may be more expensive. Another major plus side to Member Jungle’s all-in-one system is that it has a member app that also syncs to all of the information and functionality of the main Member Jungle system. 

Join It vs Member Jungle Membership Management Comparison 

Both Join It and Member Jungle are fully fledged membership management systems that offer a lot of useful features to help in the running of your club or association. Here is a breakdown of the features of each platform. 


Join It vs Member Jungle Membership Management Comparison 

All-In-One System vs Integrations 

Member Jungle is an all-in-one style system, and Join It is an integration style system. There are ups and downs to using integrations versus an all-in-one system, so let’s break them down.

All-In-One Positives

All-in-one systems have a significant advantage in that you only have to pay for a single service with the same layout and style. This results in a more straightforward and more user-friendly experience as all aspects of the system appear and function similarly and are located in one convenient location. 

Additionally, you only have to worry about one billing date a month, which is easier than managing several services billed at varying times. Using an all-in-one system means that you only have to maintain one set of data across a member profile. However, it is important to note that all-in-one systems are typically more expensive than integration-style systems. However, this ultimately depends on the number of additional systems you need to pay for using an integration system.

Integration Positives

Systems which specialise in one thing and integrate with other programs have the advantage of working with other specialist systems. Integrating with systems that just focus on one thing can be  great because specialist systems are often better at that specific task than an all-in-one system. For example, Member Jungle has an email marketing system, and Join It integrates with the email marketing specialists Mail Chimp. Email marketing is the only thing Mail Chimp does, and they have a more advanced system than Member Jungle. 

An integration system like Join It, might work with other systems that you are already using like Survey Monkey or Eventbrite. This means that you don’t need to change all your systems at once to start a membership management system.

Integration-style systems are often cheaper than all-in-one systems. However, this does depend on how many other systems you need to pay for while using that integration-style system. 

Integration Negatives

A downside to integration systems is that to manage your members and club effectively, you will need to jump between multiple different systems with multiple different interfaces and controls. This can sometimes be a confusing and annoying experience. You will also need to maintain membership data across all of these different systems. So if a new member joins, you must add them to your membership system, email marketing system, survey system, etc. Opposed to an all-in-one system with one set of data, maintaining multiple data sets can be a confusing and time-consuming task.

All-In-One Negatives 

One negative of all-in-one systems is that they can be more expensive than integration systems. They also usually require you to change all your services at the same time, which can make the experience more complicated. All-in-one systems may not be as good at certain things compared to specialised services. Surveys will probably be better at a specialist survey provider than with an all-in-one system.  

All-In-One vs Integration Conclusion 

In short, this is a comparison between a Jack of all trades system and using several different masters of one system. The big takeaway here is whether you want an all-in-one system that does away with the need for multiple services and subscriptions or you want a system that works with all your current services and subscriptions. If you want to see a complete list of features offered by both Join It and Member Jungle, you can follow these links, Join It Features Page and Member Jungle Features Page

Join It and Member Jungle Price

When considering purchasing software, the price is a significant factor to consider. In this regard, it's important to discuss Join It and Member Jungle's prices. Member Jungle is more expensive than Join It since it replaces multiple services. However, it's essential to take into account any additional services you may need to pay for on top of Join It. For instance, Member Jungle has an email marketing module as part of its service, while Join It integrates with Mail Chimp. Therefore, you may need to consider both Join It and Mail Chimp's costs. Of course not every service that Join It works with is a paid service even Mail Chimp has a free version. So, you will need to do research into how much any possible integrations will cost. With all that out of the way let’s compare prices. 

Join It and Member Jungle provide various package options that cater to the unique needs of different clubs and associations; both platforms offer a free trial period.

Join It’s prices are in USD, for the sake of this article I have converted them into AUD. If you would like to see their original USD prices you can go to the Join It Pricing Page. Join It offers four different packages. Their cheapest package is $43.58 per month, with their most expensive package being $374.15 per month. A 10% discount is offered on those prices if you pay yearly. 

Member Jungle’s prices are in AUD but there is an option on the Member Jungle Pricing Page to switch the currency to USD, NZD or GBP. Member Jungle offers three different packages. Their cheapest package is $99 per month, with their most expensive package being $354 per month. A 10% discount is offered on those prices if you pay yearly.

Join It and Member Jungle Price

Join It and Member Jungle Member Limits 

When deciding between Join It and Member Jungle, it's important to note some key differences. One of these is the number of members each company's packages can handle. Join It offers four packages with a maximum number of members ranging from 500 in their cheapest package to 15,000 in their most expensive.

On the other hand, Member Jungle doesn't have package limits but has included member limits. This means that each package has a specific number of members included for free. If you exceed this number, you can pay to increase your member cap, with prices varying from $5 to $20 per 100 members. The included member limits range from 250 in their cheapest package to 5,000 in their most expensive.The benefit of this is that you won't have to upgrade to a more expensive package if your club grows beyond the included member limit.

If you want more details on what is included in each of Join It’s and Member Jungle’s packages you can view their respective pricing pages, Join It Pricing Page and Member Jungle Pricing Page

Join It and Member Jungle Key Takeaways 

When choosing between Join It and Member Jungle, there are several key things you need to consider. Do you want a more expensive but all-in-one system that will replace the need for multiple subscription services, or do you want a cheaper system that will work with all your existing subscription services? When comparing prices remember to also compare all the other extra services you will need with Join It. Depending on your club's needs, factoring in these extra expenses may help make your decision easier. 

You should go to both companies' websites and look through their full list of features and their full pricing/package breakdown. Doing so will help you make the best possible decision for you and your club. At the end of the day, both Join It and we at Member Jungle want what's best for you, so if you have any further questions, please reach out to either of us at these links. Join It’s Contact Page, Member Jungle Contact Page. If you’d like to know more about Member Jungle watch the video below


Video: All of your Member Jungle Questions Answered



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