Member Jungle Product Release : April 2023


April has been a busy month and one full of plenty of public holidays, so all in all a pretty good month. In April we added a lot of features that people have been asking for. The headline change is that as an admin you can now change a member's product level directly, in seconds. We have also implemented two-factor authentication for any club who wants to add extra security to their club’s data. To find out more about these features and the other new ones keep reading. 

Changes To Membership

Change a Members Product

As a membership or site administrator you can now change an existing Members' product directly from the drop-down for the member. During the steps to change the product you will be given the option to accept extra payment and update the expiry date for the member.  

Filters on Member Pop-up

In the Member pop-up window, you now have date and keyword filters on a number of the tabs. In Notes, for example, you could just use the keyword search for "mobile" to find any notes related to the person changing their mobile number.  Filters are available on Notes, Events, Payments and the new Security tab.

Speaking of the new Security tab, it is now there on the pop-up!  It allows you to see login information for the member as well as other security related information like password resets.

PowerData Forms

You can now clone PowerData forms. This requested feature is now here and with a simple one click you can replicate an existing form and all of its details.

PowerData Forms have always had the capability to send the entered form details to you as an admin. Now there is a new option to send the form details to the person who entered the data.  When you Edit the form, there is an option "Send Responder Email" that when selected allows you to select an Email field in the Form (yes, you have to have an email field) .  You can customise the subject and the message to send to the person who entered the data.

When the form is then filled in on your website, the person entering the form details will also get a message sent to them, optionally with the data entered.


The Xero Export from the Site Payments report now produces multiple lines if the source order has multiple items. It also includes service and platform fees as separate lines.  

In your Organisation Settings, under Payments and Gateway set up, you will see the following options which allows you to set Xero Account codes for different modules:


External/Xero Account Code


Security and Accounts

In the Security Module, under User Accounts there is an option Edit Account Form. Here you can control what demographic fields appear for the members, which fields are required, and you also can enforce fields to be read only.   Read Only fields would be useful for those organisations who need to have control over registered addresses etc and changes can only be done by an administrator as there may be additional third party regulatory bodies to be advised of the change.


We have improved the performance of widgets displayed on the various dashboards. 

Additional work has been completed for the SMS component of 2-factor authentication (2FA) and has been rolled out to selected sites. If you are interested in trialling this for your club please let us know via . We can send you more information and show you how it works.

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system you can access our full support portal at


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