Member Jungle Product Release : November 2017


We are excited this month to not only have a new Product Release but also to launch a new help website. The new website will continually be updated with the latest functionality and will help you navigate and use your Member Jungle website. Check it out at We value any feedback you have about how we can make it even better.

The November Member Jungle Product Release has given you more flexibility to manage your members than ever before. The release includes 

Transferring Members

Membership Administrators can now transfer members between different membership levels easily. So you can now easily switch your members over to different levels as required.

For more information on the new Transfer Members functionality visit the help website.

Archiving Expired Members

You can now remove members from all lists so they don't receive Renewal Reminders, email or SMS Campaigns or show in your Member Registers. You may want to do this for a number of reasons including:

  • The member is deceased
  • The member doesn't renew for a long period of time and you want to stop them being contacted or asked to renew. 

You will now see on the Expired Members tab a new icon located to the right of all of the members which will allow you to file them away.

For more information on archiving members visit the help website

Braintree Now Has Store Integration and Payments

You can now have Braintree as a payment gateway for our Online Store and also accept online payments with Braintree for account payments via a simple form.

Edit Icon Next to Expiry

This simple change now makes it more obvious to membership administrators that they can change a members expiry date. So when you are viewing members in the Current or Expired Member tab you will see an Edit icon next to the Expiry Date.

To manually change the date click on the icon next to the relevant member and change the date.

Note: All changes to expiry date will appear as an entry in the members notes.

Create Your Own Forms Using PowerData

Similiar to how you can edit your membership forms, using the PowerData Forms Module you can now create online forms. It allows you to

  • collect custom information per form
  • be notified by email when someone completes a form 
  • access all of the form submissions from your website
  • export all form submissions to csv

To access the PowerData Module you will need to click on the Modules tab in the top menu and select PowerData Forms from the list. If you can't see the PowerData Module and would like it turned on please raise a support case.

For more information on how to use PowerData Forms, click here.


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