Member Jungle Product Release: April 2024


Another month has passed, and we are back with another Member Jungle Product Release. This one has a lot of great content, so let’s waste no time and get to it.

Firstly, up to this point, the Member Jungle online store has been called the “Product Catalogue”. We’ve realised that this is a little counterintuitive, so we are officially changing its name to the “Online Store” to make things simpler. This will not affect how the Online Store (formally the product catalogue) works. 

If you have any questions about this change, please Open a Support Ticket.

Secondly, you may or may not know Google and Yahoo recently changed their email-sending requirements, making it harder to send emails, especially bulk emails, without them getting flagged as spam. Ultimately, these are good changes, but they will require some adapting to. 

As part of that, Member Jungle has added a few changes to the email system to ensure that your club's compliance with these changes is as easy as possible. Please read How Google's New Email Sender Requirements Will Affect Your Club to get all the details you need on this change. 

Finally, as you may or may not have heard, a new feature dropped over the weekend on May the fourth. That’s right. On Star Wars Day, Member Jungle released our brand-new AI image generator that is accessible to the admin side of your system. You will now be able to create stunning AI-powered images and add them directly to your emails, news posts, events, and more. 

Stunning AI images like this one of a very focused Darth Maul making a sandwich. 

JungleVision AI


Don’t worry; you will be able to create a lot more useful images with this tool than Sith sangas.

For more information on JungleVision AI, please read How To Create AI-Generated Images From Your Member Jungle Site.

For the rest of the new features and fixes this month, please keep reading.

Goodbye Product Catalogue, Hello Online Store

The Product Catalogue module has been renamed to Online Store to reduce any confusion about what it is and what it does. So, the Product Catalogue will disappear from the Modules menu, and you will need to go to the Online Store to access your products and categories or store functionality.


Additional, more inclusive Gender Options are now available, which also can be imported and exported into Member Jungle.

We now set a maximum height for Invoice logos. Although we recommend using landscape images for invoice logos, using a portrait image will now be constrained (so it doesn't appear extremely large on the invoice).  We have also added an Invoice Preview so you can see what your logo looks like on an actual invoice.


All emails sent from the system will now have a clear unsubscribe link (if you haven't added one yourself in the content).

Major email providers like Google and Yahoo are being more strict on how this process is available to mail recipients. Using this unsubscribe link will allow the member to opt out of different types of emails. 

More info is available here in our support portal:

Business Directory

You can now delete a business's Header Background Image.

The performance team has been working on the Business Directory. The business directory displays, especially the radius searches, will be significantly more efficient and, hence, faster.

Custom Objects

For sites that use Custom Objects to display reusable visual objects and text, we now show how many pages use the Custom Object. This is especially helpful when cleaning up old Custom Objects.


Our Settings and Subscription pages have been given a little makeover.

There have been improvements to the way we include the Google Tag Manager (GTM) code on your website pages.

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system, you can access our full support portal at


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