As always, our developers have been working hard to bring some fantastic new features and improvements to you this month. 



Member Jungle Mobile App V1.4.4

Admin approval of pending members

Administrators can now approve pending members without leaving the app. Simply login as admin, and you will see the Pending Members tab. Click on this and you have the ability to click the thumbs up to approve members. Easy!


Improvements to Notifications Manager

When a push notification is sent to the Mobile App, the page linked to the notification will be automatically refreshed in the App, so that your members see the most updated version of the document.


Login Issues Addressed

There were some members having some login problems when using iOS 10, these have been addressed and rectified. 


News Articles

News articles will now show all of the information that is available on the website, in the Mobile App, including the date of the article, and include any documents and clickable links.


System Generated Emails

The system generated emails that are sent out from your Member Jungle website, have a new look - now with a grey background. We hope this colour scheme fits in better with our variety of Member Jungle users.

To learn how to view and edit your system generated emails, please see our help portal


Site Payments Report

The site payments report will now have additional columns to show the invoice or order number linked to a payment, the type of payment, and the payment settlement ID, to make it easier for you to reconcile your payments.

Remittance Advice (Relevant to those using the Member Jungle Payment Gateway)

For those using the Member Jungle Payment Gateway, the Member Jungle payments remittance advice has been updated to make it clear it is a payment to your club. Also the email and remittance advises where to check the details (Site Payments Report).


Membership Updates

Updating a member to a perpetual membership

Administrators now have the ability to change a members status to a perpetual (life) membership, by clicking the edit icon on the members name, and selecting the perpetual option. This means that it is now not necessary to create a life membership product if you intend to use it as a non public product, where only administrators can transfer to life membership.


Archiving Current Members

It is now possible to archive members who have a current membership status. Previously the member needed to be expired to archive.


Renewal Emails

If there is no content in the Renewal Email then NO renewal emails will be sent at all. Previously a standard email was sent to the member.


Member Search

The default search will now show only members with statuses of Current, Perpetual/Life, Expired and Pending. 

Archived, Transferred, Rejected and Removed can be selected in Advanced Search.


Powerdata and Membership Forms

There is now a button to indicate if an uploaded file is to be secured content. Secure content will not be sent in emails to administrators but can only be viewed on your website after login.

View more about Powerdata Forms and Membership Forms on our Help Portal.


We have changed the delete X button on the widget to the trash can, which will give a warning pop up before deleting, to make it harder to accidently delete any page widgets. 


Business/Member Directory

More fields have been added to the Member Directory export report, including member who is associated with a business listing. Learn more about using your Member Directory on our Help Portal


Plus we have squashed a few pesky bugs that have popped up.


As always, if you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system you can access our full support portal at 

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