Member Jungle Product Release: August 2023


August is done and dusted; I hope it was a good month for you and that you’re as excited about the upcoming warmer weather as I am. 

It’s been another busy one here at Member Jungle; our development team has worked hard to improve the Member Jungle system. They have released a heavily requested new feature along with many fixes and upgrades. 

Opt-in chatrooms have officially gone live. You can now set up group chats so that members can choose which chats they want to be in and join them with a click of a button. These opt-in chats will be great if your club caters to various interest groups and wants more effective communication methods. 

For more on opt-in chatrooms, read Opt-In Chat Rooms: What They Are & Why Your Club Needs Them.

Keep reading to find out about what else is new this month. 


Opt-In Chat Rooms

A chat room can be created as an ‘Opt-In’ chat room. These chat rooms will be shown to members (as controlled by role or member-level access), and the member can decide to join or leave the chat. This could be very useful for geographic or sub-interest groups within your club or for chat rooms like a ‘For Sale’ group. More info on Opt-In and other chat features is available at

PS: Make sure your members have the latest version of the Member Jungle app from their app stores.

Event Linked Chats

These are now shown in the Chat Administration area on the website under Linked Chatrooms. From here, you can delete the chat room as well as have a link to directly edit the event (if you have privileges for Events).

Chat room

PowerData Reports

The PowerData Report widget has been upgraded so that you can choose to display only data entered by a logged-in person. For example, you might have a PowerData form for members to apply for funding for an event. You can use the PowerData Report widget to show all their previous requests on the same page. 

Another club, a personal training club, is using this new widget to get members to record their exercise progress and show a history of all their progress. 


We have slightly tweaked it so that the full event address details (addresses 1, 2 and 3) are replicated in both the website and the app.


We have fixed an address creation issue that relates to countries that do not have states or counties, like Hong Kong.

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system, you can access our complete support portal at


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