Member Jungle Product Release: Early January 2024


Well, folks, here we are at the start of another new year, and this year is already proving to be a fun and interesting one. The Member Jungle development team have started this new year off with a bang and already has a brand-new product release ready to go out.

The highlight of this new product release is the new in-app purchase. That allows members to buy products from your product catalogue via the Member Jungle app. It also allows admins to take payments from members using the app, even if those payments are by credit card or cash.  

The other big highlight is the new member tags that are going to make sorting and organising your membership much much easier. 

So, let’s talk about the new product release and all the cool new features that have come out in this release.  


Member Tags

You can now create Member Tag groups, which can be added to a membership form and allow members to select which groups they are a part of. Tags will act similarly to a security role and give you the option to limit pages, event discounts, library categories, and chatrooms to be seen only by members in these groups.

Membership Product & Level Reordering

There is now a new icon beside membership levels and products that allows you to drag and drop them to reorder them in both the administration area and on the front end of your website. 

Quick Search

We have now added some changes to the member quick search functionality to help improve search performance. 


Event Latitude & Longitude Changes

There is now a marker and map for all event addresses that allows you to drag the marker to give a more precise location of where an event is being held.

Event Cancellations

You can now cancel event or registration bookings for completed events. Previously, this functionality was only available for upcoming events. 

Product Catalogue

Custom Products

You can now add and sell custom projects or invoice one-off amounts via the product catalogue, with the option to save this for re-use. 

Account Creation

As an administrator, when you are creating an order, if the purchaser isn't already stored in the system, you can create an account during the check-out process. 

Available in the Mobile App

The product catalogue can now be turned onto the mobile app, allowing you to select which products are available for sale on the app.

Mobile App

Product Catalogue - Member Purchases

Allow members to purchase items directly from their devices on the mobile app.

Product Catalogue - Administrator Sales

Administrators can sell items and process transactions for others using all available admin payment methods, i.e. cash or credit card. The functionality allows admins to scan a member's credit/debit card details as well as sell custom products and create accounts throughout the process. 

Content Editor

Pasting External Images

If you copy and paste content from an external source or website page, it will now give you the option to copy and upload the images onto the Member Jungle servers.

Improvements to Image Uploader

When you upload images into content, you will now have additional options that allow you to rotate, crop, and zoom into the images before you upload them to the image library.


Search Widget Improvements

There is now a new search widget that gives you better-weighted search results and shows page titles, URLs and page descriptions in the search results. The widget allows you to search only specific modules or complete a full site search. 

Blog Search Widget

A new widget for the blog module has been added that gives you better-weighted results for your articles.

Web Based Chat rooms

The desktop chat rooms now allow you to create and show reactions.

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system, you can access our full support portal at


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