We have had some exciting product releases in the past months!

We have many new features, some of which were suggestions from you, and some we think will help make your life as a website and membership manager easier.

Here's what's new!

Whats new

Membership Module

View Only Mode

A view-only mode has been added to Membership. You can grant Roles in the Security Module, the ability to have the Membership 'Item Viewer' privilege. Then people with this role will have a view only version of the membership system. 

Additional Editing of Data Fields

Extra properties are now available for data fields. This includes showing extra fields in account creation, hiding/showing labels and more.

Edit Account Field


File Upload Improvements


File and Image upload fields have been super-charged! The uploaded files are retained between renewals or edits to the members data. There is a new setting which admin can turn on, to force new uploads by members, when renewing memberships (this is useful for things like insurance documents, etc). To do this, edit your membership form, and click on the cog on the file upload field. 

Upload Fields

Auto Approve Membership Level Setting

The ability to change the auto-approval setting is now available in the General Membership Level Settings. Just click on the edit icon, next to the membership level you wish to update the settings for.

Auto Approve

Member Password Reset

Member Details popup now has a button which will send the member a Password Reset email (so you don't have to go to the Security Module to do this).


The events module has had a make over with simplified event forms, and many new features. Please see our blog "Making Your Events Even Easier"

Email Campaign

Senders Email Address

We have removed the requirement for a 'from email address' for a campaign message. If this is left blank, it will now default to the Site Contact email address (set in the Dashboard).


Powerdata Forms

Form Submissions

Administrators can now control if form submissions send an email, where they send the email, and if the form data is included in the email. To view or edit your settings, click on the edit icon next to the powerdata form you wish to update.


International Business Directory

International Addresses Accepted

The business directory now accepts international addresses and the states/regions will appear under the location search.
If you have the Business Directory, and would like to accept international addresses, please contact us. 


Plus we have squashed a few pesky bugs that have popped up.

As usual if you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system you can access our full support portal at 

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