Member Jungle Product Release: July 2023


We are officially in the second half of the year, and time is honestly flying; before we know it, Christmas will be here once again. As always, the Member Jungle development team has been working hard to get another load of product updates, fixes and new features out to you. 

The headline new feature this month is the ability to re-send emails. This will allow you to see what emails you’ve sent a particular member and re-send them any emails you need to. This way, when a member rocks up, cap in hand, telling you they’ve managed to lose their latest event email, you can re-send it to them with a click of a button rather than having to make a whole new email to send to them. 

To find out everything else that has been updated or added this month, keep reading. 


Re-send Emails

Introducing the ability to re-send an email to a member. In the member drop-down in the member list, you can choose to Re-send Email. From there, you can choose to re-send the Welcome Email, Renewal Emails, Reminders and also to re-send an Invoice.

This updated help article on Member Details shows you in more detail:

Members MySite Dashboard shows emails

Similar to what you as an admin can see in a Members Pop-up, we have added emails sent to a member to their account dashboard. They can view any emails sent from your Member Jungle system to them. Have a look at to see what it looks like.


Re-send Emails

Re-send emails have also come to the Events module. With Ticketed Events, you can re-send invoices and the registration email (for non-cancelled orders) and for Registration events, you can re-send the registration email. See for details on how to do this.

Product Catalogue

Re-send Emails

Last re-sent email one, I promise. All emails relating to your product catalogue can now be resent, including Invoices, and Shipping Notifications and Tracking Details. See on how to re-send the order emails.


In your Organisation Settings, you can now add more Support Contacts up to the limit of your plan.

We have also made some system performance modifications that should make Member Jungle even snappier.

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system, you can access our full support portal at


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