Member Jungle Product Release: May 2023


Another month has come and gone and we are excited to announce the latest updates to our system. We have been working hard to bring you even more features and improvements to improve your Member Jungle experience. As always these new features are released alongside a whole host of bug fixes and improvements to existing features.  

Last month we introduced two-factor authentication (2FA) for added data security for anyone who wanted it. After an overwhelming demand for it to be switched on, we have enabled club admins to switch on 2FA themselves. You will no longer need to contact a member of the team to have 2FA made active on your account. If you want to know more about why 2FA is important read: What is Two Factor Authentication & Why Is It Important in Membership Management or How does Member Jungle protect your data?

Updates have been made to the Online Store module, you can now set shipping rates based on the delivery total.This means you can set free shipping for purchases over a certain amount, or make all orders under $100 a set delivery price. You can still increase shipping rates for heavy and bulky items using a custom delivery price. 

You can check out all of the new features released this month below. 

Product Catalogue

There are now Shipping Rates that can be set for the entire cart. You can set a shipping price based on the total price of the order and set multiple prices for different price ranges.

For example, $0 to $30 = $5 shipping, $30 to $100 = $10 shipping and greater than $100, free shipping.  You can also override or make exceptions for specific products. For example, a heavy object like a piano might have a Custom Shipping Price of $350 and the rest of the cart will revert to the Shipping Rate ranges. See for more details.


You can add a QR shortcode to all standard emails which will show a QR Code image (in Event Emails, Membership Bulk Emails, Membership Level Emails). This QR Code can then be used from printed emails or tickets to scan a person into the event via the Member Jungle App.


Required and Included Optional Catalogue Products

It is possible to make linked product catalogue items included by default when a membership is purchased or renewed. These included products can be required or optional (Auto-Add - they can be removed from the cart). As part of this change there are improvements to the Product Catalogue reports which includes a product item report. See for more 

Comparison Report

The systems Comparison Report now handles more phone number formats in comparing CSV files with the data in Member Jungle.

Payments Report

The Membership Payment report has new filters and additional Export options.


Security Administrators can enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA) in the Security Module. Two-Factor Authentication allows admins and, optionally, members, to login more securely using a password and another factor which is checked by a code sent to their email address or optionally, to a mobile phone number. To activated 2FA, go to the Settings section from the left menu in that module. 


You can specify different Xero account codes for sales from each module in Organisation Settings --> Payment and Gateway Settings. These account codes are then used for the Site Payments Export to Xero file.

We hope these updates will help you better manage your membership and connect with your community. We will always do our best to take the stress out of running your club. 

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system you can access our full support portal at


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