Member Jungle Product Release: May 2024


It is the last day of May and the last day before winter arrives, at least for us here in the Southern Hemisphere. For those of you just about to get into a lovely warm Northern Hemisphere summer, my frozen bones and I are very jealous. I'm down here needing to be chipped out of the ice like Brendan Frasier in Encino Man. 

Enough complaining, however. Let's get into why we are actually here today: the newest Member Jungle product release. The Member Jungle development team has been working hard at the coal face to bring us another gem of a product release. 

The highlights are that you can now enable Afterpay on your site, allowing members to pay you via Afterpay. Please keep reading for more details on how that works, and keep your eyes on the Member Jungle Learning Centre for an article on it soon. There is also a brand new image uploader in the News, Event, and Slideshow modules, allowing for better and easier image uploads. 

For more information on it and everything else new this month, keep reading.  


The Dataset report now does not automatically query your data when you go into the report. Update your filter and then search in the same way it works for the Custom Report.

Image Management

We have added the new Image Uploader to the News, Events, and Slideshow modules. It helps you resize and shape your images and provides access to our amazing JungleVision AI Image generator. 

More information on JungleVision is outlined in How To Create AI-Generated Images Directly From Your Club's Website

Remember to follow JungleVision AI on Instagram for the latest and greatest images. Please tag us on any of your awesome creations; we love seeing what gets made with JungleVision.


The News module has had the new Image Uploader added and has also had a bit of a spring clean, or should that be an autumn clean?  

See for more details on using the News module.


If you have your own Stripe Payments account connected to Member Jungle, you can activate AfterPay as an option for your members. This article has more details: Please note that additional Stripe fees may apply.


We've tidied up a few things around the edges and squashed a few bugs that have popped up. Everything should be running smoother and easier than ever before. 

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system, you can access our full support portal at

That's all for today folks, I hope these new changes and updates help. Stay warm, remember to drink water, and I'll see you back here next month. 


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