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We are excited to have a new Product Release for October. If you need any more guidance, you can refer to the help website Member Jungle Help Website


October update

The October Member Jungle Product Release will benefit administrators when using their website by introducing some great new features.

This release includes information on:


Administrators can now archive multiple expired member accounts in a single process.

Be aware that once you archive a member, you will have to create a whole new account for that member if they return as the system will delete the username and password. They will also no longer appear in your membership data unless you specifically select to see archived members in search.


To do this, READ THIS information on how to achieve bulk members.




Changes to member details are now audited, making it clearer to see what your members have been doing. You can see them in the Activity Widget and Membership Notes.


Imported Member Invoices

When your members join or renew a membership product via your website, an invoice is generated in the system. We have now made new changes so that members will no longer see invoices created during inital import.

Email Campaign

There is now a new field in the email campaign module that allows you to easily send members their username and a new link to allow them to login and reset/create their own password. 

email campaign

There is also a new dynamic field that can be added to all membership emails. This includes a link to reset member passwords.


We have now standardised the look of all invoices raised through the store, membership system and events module, creating them in a more professional format, where you can also include your own logo. 

You can also automatically email members their invoice in the automated membership emails. 


When a person purchases a product from your store, they will be emailed an order confirmation, and a link to log in to view their invoice.

When a member logs in, they can go into their Dashboard (members area) and click on the My Store tab to view the orders they have made via the store.

Your store invoices are already laid out for you by the system.

READ MORE about updates to invoices via the Member Jungle help website.



The Security Module now restricts the editing of roles that are directly linked to other modules. 

We have worked on a number of miscellaneous bug fixes too over this past month.



Thanks for reading! We are always excited to bring to you more features for our Member Jungle Membership Management Software System. 






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