What a huge month our developers have had, with some exciting new features being released, that will make your membership management even easier!


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Auto-Renewing Membership Subscriptions 

The auto-renewing membership subscription product is an exciting new development at Member Jungle, and makes your membership management even easier with the ability to automatically renew your members.

Your members can sign up to a subscription membership product, accept the terms and conditions, and then save their card details in order to have their memberships automatically renew. You can set the duration of the membership, and if the product will allow cancellations during the subscription term. For example, you might have a monthly subscription product that has a no cancellations setting of 12 months. 

To have an auto-renewing subscription membership product, you will require this to be turned on for your website. If you do not have the subscription option in your membership settings, and would like to use this method, please raise a support ticket to let us know.

See more information on setting up an auto-renewing membership product in our help article.


Auto-Removal of Expired Members

You now have the ability to set the amount of days that a member will be removed from a membership product, after their expiry date.

The member's account will remain unchanged so that the member can purchase the same product again or a different product within that membership level.  Membership start date is also unaffected.

To set the amount of days you would like members to be automatically removed, you will need to edit the membership product. 

For more information, see our help article



Members Notes

Members notes will now display in tabs to categorise the notes for that member and we have added some additional information into the notes, including emails sent (via the email campaign module).

Tabs now include Account Details, Notes (with admin ability to add new notes), Memberships, Emails in HTML (with ability to send a new email), Event registrations, Store orders (including invoice download). 

The members notes can be accessed via the notes icon in the membership area, or clicking on the members name in the membership, events or security modules.


Membership Product Pricing Breakdown

When you are adding or editing a membership product, you can see the fees outlined next to the price. This will show how much your member will pay including any passed on fees, and how much you will receive after any service or gateway fees are deducted. 

See more information on setting up your membership products in our help article.



Payments and Cart Process

At checkout members can now select to store their payment details, and select the default card for payments. A default card will be the payment method used for payments site wide (ie - membership, events, store)

Members can login to view and update their payment details in the member administration area.



Personalise Your Mobile App

Site administrators now have access to personalise your organisations mobile app, by uploading a new app background image and logo, and selecting the background overlay colour in the Site Design. 


Zapier Integration

Connect, and "zap" your data from your Member Jungle system to other web apps, via Zapier. 

Zapier connects to over 1500 apps. To explore if yours is included, visit their list of apps

Zapier Integration is current available in our Professional Packages.  Please raise a support ticket to let us know if you would like an invitation link to use Member Jungle with Zapier.


Upgrades to Image Uploader

The image uploader has been given more functionality and made much more user friendly, with the introduction of albums that make images available on the page only, or global albums, which make the images available site wide. A sorting tool and a search function has also been added to find your images much easier.  

You can view, edit the details, delete and insert your images in various sizes via the new image selector.


New Banner Ad Module

Get sponsors to advertise on your website with the new Banner Ad Module! 

The banner ads are a widget that you can apply to your pages to display advertising banners.  Each banner will have a set of statistics that can be viewed, which counts the views and clicks so you can let your sponsors know how their ads are performing. 


Collapsable Left Navigation in Admin Area

When you are logged in as an administrator, you can now use the toggle in the top left of the screen, to hide or display the left navigation. 

Login Report Improvements

To assist with identifying users that are unsuccessfully logging in because of an incorrect username, the detailed login report will now show failed login attempts, that the username does not match an account.


Added security to forms

The Captcha on forms has been improved to reduce SPAM, and decrease the invasiveness of the validation.


Page Role Icons

In order to make the page roles more apparent in the page administration area, the icons have been updated to show a shield for the page roles icon, when a page is role restricted, it will display a globe with a lock on it to indicate that the page is not publicly accessible.




Event Module

Event Ticketing Limits

You can now add a minimum and maximum event ticketing limit per member.

Event Cloning Improvements

When you clone an event, you will now be asked to give the event a name, and start date, so that the new event will be ready to activate and display without editing.



We have also done a heap of little performance tweaks and squashed a few pesky bugs.

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