Member Jungle Product Release: October 2023


Halloween is finally upon us; it’s time for horror movies, trick-or-treating, and being a little bit spooky.

The Member Jungle development team has spent this spooky season working on a brand-new product release for you. They have dropped a whole range of new features, updates and fixes. So, let’s get into it. 


In Case of Emergency Contact Details

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Contact Details can be added to the member and accounts forms used in Member Jungle. They can be turned on in the Security Module (Edit Account Form) and Membership Forms. Members can add emergency contact details in their account forms and the Member Jungle App. 

This will be great for all clubs, but it will be particularly useful for outdoor and adventure clubs, who can now have all their members’ emergency contact details accessible via the app while they’re out and about.  

Output Widget to Display Membership Level Details

We have created a new page output widget that can be added to any page showing details about your club’s membership levels, products and pricing. This may be particularly useful for display on your Membership or Join page to show your club’s options.

Additional Access to Member Scanning

All Membership Administrators of any level can scan members in the Member Jungle App. Previously, only full Item Administrators could scan members in the app.

Membership Level Order

There is a new field, Custom Order, for a Membership Level, which can be used to control the order of Membership Levels when they are displayed in the admin area, in the new widget (above) or to any member of the public in the Join page. Simply put numbers (1,2,3, etc) to control the order you want for each level.

For example, by default, levels are ordered alphabetically, so “Associate Member” would be displayed before “Full Member”. If you want this to be altered, you can add the custom order of 1 to Full Member level and 2 to Associate Member and then the Full Member level will always be shown first.

Email Campaign

SMS and Email Credits can be purchased directly from the Email/SMS Campaign Module.

SMS and email order

Security Module

We have added more information around Roles and Privileges in the Security module. In particular, to highlight if a role has privileges associated with access to Member Data or the Security Module (which can be used to give access to Member Data). We have also added some additional auditing around roles and permissions, which can be viewed in the System Report (in the Security Module).

If an administrator has access to the Security Module or is a full Site Administrator, they can access a person’s Login and Permissions from the member pop-up.


We have dramatically updated the Help within the Member Jungle administrator area. It is now completely context-sensitive and will display articles directly from our knowledge base.



We have tweaked a few things around the system of delivering emails and SMS messages (like the 2FA emails and SMS) to reduce the likelihood of them being seen as spam. Additionally, we have been working with large email providers behind the scenes to ensure better delivery of all emails from Member Jungle.

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system, you can access our full support portal at



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