Member Jungle Product Releases: What It Means For Your Club


Here's something that we have all experienced. You own a smartphone that you love, and that works perfectly. Then the phone company announces a new model to replace the one you own. You have no desire to spend another $1000 on a new phone when yours is only a year old. So, you ignore this new model. 

However, the next thing you know, your charger has ripped itself in half; your battery has all the power of a moth's cough, and every update has become a black ops team sneaking into your phone and destroying more and more functions. Before you know it, you are left with a husk of a phone and have no choice but to buy the new model. This is called built-in obsolescence, and it is the absolute worst. Companies do this to force you to upgrade to their latest, most expensive product. 

You might be wondering why I'm talking about this, but it's really important to us here at Member Jungle. We don't believe in planned obsolescence. Instead, we're always working to improve our product and add new features - all without extra cost. So if you decide to join Member Jungle, you can trust that you'll always have the latest version of our system, and you'll never have to worry about it getting outdated.

Regular updates and new features are essential for clubs to manage their memberships efficiently. Member Jungle recognises this and continuously improves its system to provide the latest tools and resources. This keeps clubs up-to-date and relevant, making the membership experience enjoyable. The updates also help clubs provide the best possible experience for their members. Which in turn increases member engagement and satisfaction.

This article consists of two sections. The first section explains how innovating can help your club and why working with a membership management system that focuses on this is important. The second section explains how and why Member Jungle updates its service and innovates.  

How Innovation Benefits Your Club

Running a club is challenging. It takes a lot of hard work and organising. It can often be an overwhelming experience that gets in the way of actually enjoying your club. This is probably one of the main reasons you've been considering signing up with a Membership Management System. You've realised that for your club to keep growing and being successful, not to mention for it to become fun to run again, you need to make changes. 

If you want your club to keep growing and thriving in the long run, it's super important to be open to new ideas and tech. So, when you're choosing a system to manage your members, make sure it's up-to-date and innovative. Otherwise, you might get stuck with an old-fashioned system that can't keep up with the times.


Member Jungle Product Releases: What It Means For Your Club


Why You Need To Keep Improving Your Club

It's essential to aim for excellence when managing your club. Your club should always strive to be the best it can be and continuously improve and innovate. Doing this will help keep your members engaged and will attract new members. If you do not innovate and improve your club, you may lose members to clubs that are innovating. You probably already know this. It might be one of the reasons you sort out membership management systems in the first place.

By improving your club, you demonstrate your commitment to providing the best possible experience for your members. A well-managed and constantly evolving club can increase revenue, member retention and member happiness. Being proactive and identifying areas for improvement can only benefit your club and its members in the long run.

Why A Membership Management System That Focuses On Innovation Is Crucial

If you're considering signing up for a membership management system, you probably know that it can really help you improve and update your current way of doing things. You need to make sure that the management systems you are deciding between also have a similar focus on improving how they operate. A system may be fantastic today, but if they aren't focused on constantly improving their business, they might not stand the test of time. The last thing you need is to go through all the effort of starting a new system only to find it obsolete in a few short years. Then go through all the effort of changing systems again. 

So let's talk about how Member Jungle ensures it will be as useful in a decade as it is now. 

How and Why Member Jungle Updates its Service

So to best explain how Member Jungle keeps improving its system and how this benefits your club, I Interviewed the Member Jungle Development Team Leader, Beau Gibson. This is what we discussed:

  • Different upgrade focuses each quarter
  • Feature suggestions 
  • Error Monitoring Systems
  • Product Releases Every Month

Before diving in, I asked Beau if our customers would ever have to pay extra to access new core features in their plan or a new version of the Member Jungle system. This was his response, "No". We're never going to say you're stuck on an old version of this unless you update. It will always be updated, always be the most recent one,"

How and Why Member Jungle Updates its Service

Different Upgrade Focuses Each Quarter

The Member Jungle development team focuses on improving different aspects of the system for customers,quarterly. They choose one area to prioritise each quarter, such as enhancing data security or making communication with members easier. The team selects these areas by asking what will benefit the most people. It's important to note that these areas are continually improved upon and not just a one-time fix. The development team continually cycles through its focus, ensuring these aspects are improved time and time again.  

Feature Suggestions

At Member Jungle, we value our customers' opinions about our service. Therefore, we have provided a feature suggestion form allowing them to request any features they think should be added or improved. This means that the development team does not solely decide which parts of our service get improved. Customers can suggest as many improvements or new features as they want without restrictions. These forms are checked regularly, and features and improvements requested multiple times will become a clear priority for our development team. This means that you will always have a say in how our membership management system benefits you.

Error Monitoring System 

Member Jungle uses several advanced error monitoring systems that constantly scan our websites and services for issues and bugs. If an issue arises, this results in a rapid response time from our development team. In the rare case something goes wrong, the problem is often fixed before any customers notice and report the problem. This helps provide our customers with the best possible service. If customers encounter any issues, they can open a support ticket.  

Monthly Product releases 

Each month our development team releases a new batch of improvements for our customers. These batches of improvements will include the following: 

  • New features and functions
  • Improvements on previous features 
  • Bug fixes 

There are two important reasons why we make new updates monthly. Firstly, it ensures that our service constantly improves, providing our customers an even better experience. Secondly, this approach ensures that updates are gradually implemented, avoiding confusion or overwhelming changes. It's worth noting that all parts of the service that work together are always updated simultaneously, preventing any issues with communication between different parts of the system.

How Can I Be Sure That The Management System I Am Considering Is Committed to Improving? 

As part of your research into deciding between systems, you should look for any and all information on how often they update their system. There should be a section on their website where they list the history of their improvements. At Member Jungle, it is located in our help portal and is called Product Releases. You can follow the following link to see all of our monthly updates since 2019, Member Jungle Product Releases.  If you are still looking for product release information on our website or any of our competitor's sites, you can contact us or the relevant website directly to ask for assistance. You can reach out to us at Contact The Team At Member Jungle


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