Member Jungle September 2022 Release


Here is a summary of the new features or changes to Member Jungle added in our September 2022 release. 



There are lots of changes in membership functionality for this release. 

Firstly, Collections will now be known as Datasets.  Based on your feedback the term collections was not overly descriptive. Datasets seemed more appropriate. Datasets are a group of related fields that can be reused across Membership Levels. You can also have multiple datasets in a single form. For example, a lot of our car clubs have a dataset called a Car. Within this dataset there are fields like Rego Number, Colour, Year, etc.  A member can add multiple Cars within a Membership form and also see all of their datasets in their MySite area. 

Next are a few changes that many of you have requested related to relaxing restrictions for Membership Groups. As an administrator, you can now swap a Secondary Member and an existing Primary Member. This is particularly useful for those who use Group Memberships for Company subscriptions (and the primary member may change).  You can also move a Secondary Member between Primary Members.  Additionally you can now transfer a Primary Member to another level and take all Secondary Members through with that transfer.



Based on your feedback, in the payment step of any purchase, we have renamed the Member Jungle Payment Gateway to the more generic term Credit/Debit Card. All the processing is identical but just the name has been changed.


Store / Product Catalogue

Continuing on from our concentration on reports in our last release, we now have a Catalogue Dashboard and additional widgets.


Students in a course can now mark that they have read a chapter. There is a related indicator so they can come back at a later time and continue where they left off.

In-Active Courses are now accessible in Course Reports.



Hopefully everyone now has our new release of the App.  We are now in a position to continually add more new features. Datasets in the app are coming very soon.

One change that has come with this new Website release is the ability to control what specific modules are shown in the app. If you don't want News, Events, Documents etc to show for all members, for example, you can just disable them in the Member Jungle App setting on the website.



There are a couple of other tweaks through the system, mainly to make things easier to use in administration.


If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system you can access our full support portal at .


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